XResolver what it is, why it matters, and what you can do about it

XResolver comprises of an Xbox resolver that pieces information, including an Xbox player’s IP address and username. Xresolver does likewise work for gamers who utilize Sony’s PlayStation. Xbox resolver or XResolver is otherwise called PlayStation resolver. XResolver is an authority online webpage, exceptionally intended to determine usernames, area names, and gamer labels into IPs design that jeopardizes the security of the gamer. It logs the Gamertags and IP locations of gamers on Xbox on the web. An IP address can be followed effectively by extraordinary apparatuses as they aren’t private, notwithstanding, you can conceal it by boycotting and different means.

XResolver comprises of an Xbox resolver that pieces information, including an Xbox player’s IP address and username. Xresolver does likewise work for gamers who utilize Sony’s PlayStation.

XResolver comprises a simple manual, and it is not difficult to work. On the off chance that you are experiencing some difficulty, you can settle them by following a straightforward methodology.

  1. Open a site “https://xresolver.com/”
  2. Tap on Xbox Resolver or PS4 XResolver.
  3. Type your “Xbox gamer tag” to change over it into an IP address.
  4. Or on the other hand, embed your “IP address” to transform it into the Xbox gamer tag.
  5. Then, click on “Resolve.”

PS4 XResolver involves a similar strategy for settling the PlayStation gamer tag to IP locations as well as the other way around.



XResolver boycott connects shields Gamertag and username from being settled. At the point when a client boycotts himself from the determination, gamer labels, and IP tends to will eliminate from the data set, and IP addresses can’t be followed.

The strategy safeguards assaults on Microsoft and Sony’s administrations from programmers. Hardly any means are followed while boycotting an IP address.

  1. Go to the Xresolver site page, then, at that point, enter your Gamertag in the gadget.
  2. The Gamertag will give an IP address.
  3. Duplicate the IP address and visit OctoSniff.
  4. You can boycott yourself provided that you buy 500 focuses.
  5. After buying, a key will show up in the message box.
  6. Duplicate the XResolver Blacklist IP connect.
  7. Hit on recover the permit and add the way into the point segment.
  8. Guarantee the focus.
  9. Search various and look down to track down the boycott choice.
  10. Enter your IP address in the part and select boycott username.
  11. Return to the site, enter your username, and show the verification of the archived IP.

By this, you can safeguard your IP address through the Xresolver Blacklist connect.

Best XResolver Alternatives

XResolver can influence your character on the web. There are a couple of choices that will give you protected and strain free gaming and safeguard you from programmers. A portion of the choices is as per the following.


Console sniffer

A console sniffer is a checking device that functions as an IP puller without escape. It is viable on multiplayer games and windows. It is viable with VPNs and finds the player’s IP address and other data. Console sniffers are downloaded at a low cost of 20 bucks.



Octosniff upholds various models of Xbox and PlayStation. It sifts through the parcel and translates the username in them. It empowers a connection of the IP address to the username in PlayStation games. It is reasonable and simple to utilize.

Lanc Remastered PCPS


Lanc Remastered PCPS various elements in settling and IP pulling. It comprises its own information base. It permits sniffing capture and pull IPs from Xbox life and PSN games. It is not difficult to set up and utilize.

Xbox booter


Xbox booter permits you to pull IP addresses while getting to strong layer 4 and layer 7 and assaults individuals disconnected. It offers definite instructional exercises or such projects.


PS4 booter


PS4 booter lets you kick disconnected while gaming on the PS4 console. A forswearing of administration assault is shipped off a gamer’s public IP address. It is smarter to utilize great quality VPN to save yourself from getting booted and disconnected.



Bootyou is a less expensive and most grounded booter for gamers, it sends layer 4 and layer 7 dispersed refusal of administration assaults. It includes different stuff like IP lumberjack, geolocation query, telephone query, and skype resolvers.




XboxReplay is a free web-based device, Gamertags can be found by means of its data set. Xbox cuts and screen captures that are shared online can likewise be found. The site will share IP data, area, and ISP information in the wake of finding the ideal Gamertag.

Xbox and PS4 players utilize XResolver, it is fun social affair data about your kindred players through such connections and locales. At the equivalent, this is what is going on as your data is on the web, and you can likewise place yourself in a difficult situation.


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