How to Fix a Cracked Slab Foundation

Cracked Slab Foundation

Cracked Slab Foundation
Cracked Slab Foundation

Cracked Slab foundation cracks are not something to be taken lightly. While small cracks on a foundation may be easy to fix yourself, larger cracks can indicate a larger problem. If you see many small cracks on a slab, it is best to get a geotechnical engineer to inspect it. Cracks larger than a one-quarter inch should be investigated by a structural engineer. These professionals can give you the best advice on how to fix a cracked foundation slab. For more help with your foundation, contact the professionals at

While cracked slab foundation can be harmless, it is best to fix them right away. If you have jammed doors and windows, your foundation may be uneven. Check to see if they’re uneven or not. The walls of the house should be level, and any piers should be straight and unscathed. If these features aren’t straight, it might be a sign of a foundation issue.

First, identify the cause of the distress. Look for signs such as cracked or sunken concrete on windows, trim boards, and mortar joints in brick veneer. Another indication may be unusual weather, causing movement of the soil beneath the Cracked Slab Foundation. In this case, the best option would be to fix the sunken area of the foundation by installing a vinyl concrete patch. You can also use a mix of cement and sand in a 1:3 ratio. The mixture is then applied to the slab, filling the crack and raising the concrete. The whole process takes just one or two days. However, you should be careful as this process can damage the plumbing in the home.

Cracks in a slab foundation can be active or dormant. Active cracks grow and widen over time. If left unchecked, these cracks can expose the metal. As the crack gets bigger and wider, it will eventually require more repairs. It is recommended that you have a professional perform a slab foundation crack repair before allowing it to spread. If you’re worried about the cost of a concrete lifting service, this is the best option.

A slab foundation crack may have several signs. First, you’ll see a hairline crack. These are tiny cracks that extend only halfway through the concrete. However, if left untreated, they will eventually expand and crack the slab even more. These are often caused by incorrect curing of concrete. They occur in areas with hot or cold weather, as well as uneven settling of the soil. If you notice cracks on your slab, your slab foundation is likely failing.

The next step is to install a pier in the foundation. If your slab is sagging, it’s possible to fix it by installing a steel pier. Slab jacking is a short-term fix, but it can cause new soil compression underneath. If you have a deeper problem, consider piling. Piles are a long-term solution, but they require a significant amount of work and are expensive.

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