A definitive DND YKLWA 5E Aide

Yklwa: Perhaps you have been glancing through certain homemade libations from individuals about priests, or you have perused a portion of the authority player’s handbooks and coincidentally found the Yklwa. In this Yklwa 5e aide, I will enlighten you somewhat more concerning this peculiar and not that frequently utilized weapon.

There isn’t much legend on the Yklwa visit for more info in 5e – or some other release – and not much of the data is given in official rulebooks or stories from Wizards of the Coast. Assuming you know about my aides, you realize that I essentially compose from the Prison Expert’s point of view.

This is predominantly on the grounds that I principally play as a Prison Expert, and furthermore, in light of the fact that I need to counter loads of trickery that players toss at me. I sort of realize what goes and so forth, and how to make the existence of both a player and a DM hard.

In this Aide, I will educate you somewhat more regarding the legend of the weapon, how to utilize it, and answer a few regularly posed inquiries about them.

YKLWA WHAT? THE Legend AND Details BEHIND THE YKLWA IN Prisons AND Mythical beasts


So your most memorable inquiry as a Prison Expert probably is, on the off chance that you are intending to present this weapon, how to articulate it. The elocution is YICK – uhl – wah. The more throat you use, the better. The legend goes that the sound is gotten from what you hear when you haul the Yklwa out of the core of a dinosaur.

So what precisely is the Yklwa? It is an exceptionally straightforward however successful skirmish weapon that the Chultan fighters use. It is one of their customary weapons. It can likewise be utilized as a tossing weapon, however, it isn’t extremely viable.

The plan of the yklwa is extremely basic. It has a wooden shaft of around 3 feet in length and has a stone or steel edge that is somewhere in the range of 12 and 18 inches long. The weapon weighs 2 lbs. This implies your normal yklwa is around 4 feet in length, and a decent 40% of that is the sharp edge-like closure.

The weapons are chiefly utilized as some sort of short-pushing lance in scuffle battle. Tossing it is conceivable, but it doesn’t have the expected equilibrium to make a compelling long-range toss, which is the reason its reach is somewhere around 30 feet far. It causes bargain some more harm than a typical short lance in the event that it hits in this reach that is about half the length of the short lance.

Here’s the beginning and end you want to be familiar with Lances in DnD 5e.

While the Yklwas can be held with two hands, the tabaxi clan contenders use them along with an enormous hang safeguard.

The value you ought to set this weapon at is 1 gold piece. A fair cost when contrasted with the 15th century DR Port Nyanzaru economy, as the shipper ruler named Akene-age drove up the cost when he controlled the deal in the yklwa in the port.

Harm wise the weapon is fundamental, however, in the right hands it ought to be acknowledged with a sober mind. It has 1d8 puncturing harm, which is insane for a weapon you can toss and use with one hand. Favoring this later!

WHY YOU Ought to Involve A YKLWA AS A PLAYER OR Prison Expert IN A Mission


Since you are perusing this aide, I’m almost certain you are to some degree keen on utilizing this weapon, or you need to know how to involve it as well as could be expected. In the event that you are searching for certain motivations to persuade yourself or a companion to utilize this novel weapon, you have come to the perfect location.


If you have any desire to blow the brain of your Prison Expert or irritate him on the off chance that he has a basic weapons-just proviso toward the beginning of the game, the Yklwa makes certain to accomplish that objective. I, and pretty much every other DnD player I know, have no idea why the very architects decide to place this in the straightforward weapon classification.

In the event that you don’t know why this is so weird, permit me to make sense of it. A throwable independent weapon has a penetrating harm result of 1d8. That harm yield is stunningly high. Assuming you take a gander at the weapon table, you will see that this binds it with weapons like the extraordinary club. The extraordinary club, notwithstanding, is a weapon you can use with one hand.

With the Yklwa you can employ a safeguard and in this manner up your AC to make you more survivable. On the off chance that you take a gander at the game mechanics, you will see that the weapon is essentially as great as compared to a weapon like the Morningstar. Nonetheless, you have the choice to toss it, while you can’t do that with the Morningstar which is viewed as a military weapon.

IT IS An Interesting WEAPON

Another explanation I love the Yklwa is that it is seldom utilized by anybody. Everybody is familiar with blade, Warhammer, etc. This weapon isn’t utilized that frequently and as I made sense of it as of now, has a few extremely cool mechanics that can provide you with the difference in the pace you are searching for. Lances overall see next to no utilization as far as I tell in my Prison and Winged serpents crusades, so going for a specialty short lance will undoubtedly be something that not much of DM’s know parts about. This assists you with astounding your DM, which is dependably fun in the event that you are a player.



Contingent upon how you ask, the yklwa is either sort of good or prohibited for life from DnD crusades. The fundamental issue with the equilibrium of the yklwa is that it is a basic weapon. The main other straightforward weapons with harm yield that are equivalent to this short lance are two-given enormous and weighty weapons.

Then, is the way that you can toss it, as well. OK, I concede the scope of the weapon is outright terrible. It has the second-most awful scope of any tossing weapon in the D&D fifth version from every one of the weapons I have seen. In any case, it bargains the most harm contrasted with some other one-gave weapon you can toss in D&D. That is very insane for a weapon that is predominantly utilized and planned for skirmish battle.

If Prisons and Mythical beasts – and Wizards of the Coast in general – was reliable, this would have 100 percent been a Military weapon. My exploration shows, and my viewpoint is, that there is certainly not a one-gave basic weapon that has the same amount of harm as the yklwa and the same amount of flexibility. This makes it basically the best straightforward weapon in Prisons and Winged serpent’s fifth version.

Notwithstanding, it isn’t overwhelming as I would like to think. All things considered, generally speaking in any case. The justification for this is that the typical harm to the weapon is just a single more than the second next-best basic weapon. Thus, this makes me feel that individuals who simply through and boycott this weapon are excessively severe. There aren’t numerous players that will discard the works of art to utilize 4 feet in length skewer.


Since you are perusing an aide on a weapon like the Yklwa, I will speculate and say you are really keen on one-of-a-kind and not frequently utilized weapons. Here is a couple that I have seen utilized, and I figure they ought to stand out.

One thing you need to remember is the motivation behind why a portion of these weapons are never utilized in the Prisons and Mythical beasts crusade is that possibly they are quite terrible or the specialty is tiny. To bring these weapons into your game, a decent way is either marginally help their harm or give them a few mysterious properties.



The pike is another weapon that isn’t utilized frequently. The explanation is straightforward, it shows improvement over any of its rivals. It causes a nice measure of harm with a 1d6 harm yield. You can toss it for a really nice distance of 20/60 feet. The issue as you see is, this is all downright normal.

I’d go much further, it is only a terrible rendition of a lance. You could give it a little extra mysterious reward to make it seriously intriguing. For instance, you can allow it an opportunity to immerse your rival in a surge of water that could make them more drained, because of an absence of breath.

Thrash – the thrash is a cool weapon that has some utilization, yet is still underutilized as I would like to think. A one-gave weapon can be utilized by medium characters – or bigger ones – to bargain additional harm in the event that they use it two-gave. The weapon is very weighty and costly and isn’t too much better assuming you are for example a savage or a warrior than your different choices. I in all actuality do figure it ought to have more play, as the harm truly isn’t too awful.



The Yklwa of Caution is an enchanted thing that can be tracked down in the Burial chamber of Demolition. It can caution you of risk. Assuming that you have it in your possession, it has the ability to give you the benefit at whatever point you need to move for a drive. It likewise has the ability to make you and any of your partners in a scope of 30 feet safe to shock.

The remainder of the details is equivalent to the ordinary Yklwa. It is a cool weapon, which you can peruse more about in the DMG book on page 213.

DOES THE YKLWA HAVE THE Artfulness Capacity?

The Yklwa is a basic scuffle weapon, with no different properties like the military. While you can toss it, it is essentially a skirmish weapon. It doesn’t have the artfulness capacity or some other sort of property. This implies since it is a scuffle weapon, the default capacity that it utilizes is the most grounded expertise.

A ton of prison aces I know really do a little change in the capacities of this weapon, and they make it a military weapon with the artfulness capacity. This fixes a lot of issues with the weapon however can make it excessively strong for some builds, so you should cut down the harm to 1d6 +1 or simply 1d6.

Could YOU at any point Toss THE YKLWA AND Provided that this is true HOW FAR?

While this is essentially a scuffle weapon, it can likewise be utilized as a one-gave tossing weapon. The fundamental inquiry is, is it any benefit? As I would see it, there are a lot of better-tossing weapons around. The primary objective of a tossing weapon – as I would like to think – is harming your foe at a long range where they can not hit you, so you can wear them out when they draw near.

While the tossing harm is area of strength for extremely, 1d8, which is awesome of any one-gave tossing weapon, the reach is simply woeful. A scope of just 30 feet isn’t sufficient to ensure your foes are genuinely harmed when they get to you.


The Yklwa is truly outstanding, on the off chance that not exactly amazing, basic weapons in Prisons and Winged serpents. However, it doesn’t appear to get a great deal of play. Perhaps that is on the grounds that not many individuals know about the weapon, or have not seen its value of it.

I would agree, attempt and allow it an opportunity. In addition to the fact that it gives an extremely decent 1d8 harm yield that you can continuously depend on. On the off chance that that isn’t sufficient, it has the best-tossing harm of any straightforward weapon that you can use with one hand.

It isn’t all uplifting news for the Yklwa. While its skirmish harm is great and, surprisingly, more so at the start of a game, the weapon will in general tumble off sooner or later and is outperformed by additional frequently utilized weapons that are outfitted to explicit builts. Assuming you are anticipating tossing it, you will not get much of anywhere, in a real sense. The scope of the weapon is just 30 feet so you will just have a couple of specialty circumstances where you can utilize it to its maximum capacity.

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