Veibae Twitch:VTuber Veibae received the first ban from Twitch

Veibae Twitch: VTuber Veibae received the first ban from Twitch

After airing on April 17, VTuber and streamer Veibae received their first ban on Twitch. VShojo’s partner, known for his diverse streams, has gained more than 800,000 followers on Twitch by creating quality content that viewers will enjoy. But in today’s live broadcast, Veibae may be the cause of their problem with interior design skills.


According to Veibae fans, he received his first ban from Twitch after responding to a YouTube video called “Midwest FurFest”. While watching a video of the excited convention, clear content appears on the screen for a few seconds, speeding up Twitch’s star. VTuber himself explained this theory in a tweet published an hour after the ban, in which the star stated that he had been suspended for “showing something stupid” in the stream. And to the delight of her fans, Veibae also revealed that she would return to streaming after only 24 hours.

Veibae also gained more attention by promoting new sales, which took place on the same day that its suspension was released.

According to TwitchTracker, the personality of VTuber has seen a huge increase in viewership in recent months. This peak of popularity is undoubtedly partly due to its close relationship with veteran streamer Sodapoppin, which, by the way, is currently also suspended from the Amazon-owned platform. But in his case, the ban was unknown.

VTuber Veibae was launched the day after receiving the first Twitch unban

VTuber Veibae was terminated by Twitch on April 18, the day after receiving its first ban on a YouTube video content platform that violates the Terms of Service.

Veibae is one of VTuber’s most popular figures on Twitch with over 800,000 followers. He is known for his sense of humor, and since signing with VShojo in 2021, a huge fan base has grown.

He is also known to have a close relationship with fellow star streamer Sodapoppin. A few days after the platform was banned, Veibae was banned for irrelevant reasons, but it was not banned a day later. Twitch: Veibae

Veibae runs under the talent company VShojo, which has several VTubers that they sponsor.

Abolish the Veibae ban

Veibae officially unveiled Twitch on April 18 after a day, two minutes, and forty-four seconds. This is not a long time, which is often the case for the first offenders, depending on the nature of the ban.

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She also made herself known on social networks. Then he pushed away, rolled up his sleeves, and jumped back into the business. He even ridiculed the incident through a subsequent post saying, “Updated streamer live!”

Why is Veibae banned on Twitch?

On April 17, the VShojo streamer on Twitch was banned after watching a YouTube video showing offensive content, in violation of the platform’s terms of service. Then he knew it would only take 24 hours.

Veibae also took the opportunity of the ban to promote its new sale, which fell on the same day. “Exclusively limited banned streamer goods [are now] available,” he said, referring to his website. relative ehm.

exclusive limited forbidden streamer merch available at

24h suspension 4 shows something stupid, I’ll be back tomorrow: ^)

– vei  VSHOJO (@Veibae) April 17, 2023

Veibae accepted full responsibility for the ban, claiming that he showed something “stupid” on April 16. However, he has served his entire sentence and can now stream again, to the delight of his fans.

“On the other hand, Soda is still banned after five days. His last suspension was imposed for a more serious offense, so there’s a good chance there will be a part.” There is no word about when he will be released. “


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