veibae and sodapoppin the whole timeline of the relationship

Full view of the relationship between Sodapoppin and Veibae (Photo: Sportskeeda) Full view of the relationship between Sodapoppin Veibae 

The moment “Sodapoppin” and VTuber Veibae made headlines in the last few weeks, was due to the unique nature of their relationship.

The couple revealed that they were dating earlier this year, after approaching streaming in late 2021. Despite the seemingly short duration of their relationship, Chance and Veibae have gone through a carousel of incidents and are keeping up with them.

A look at the relationship between Sodapoppin and Veibae, Mizkif’s parasocial couple

Although it is not known exactly when they met, the couple’s first public appearance was in the high swing for Matthew’s Parasocial “Mizkif”, for VTubers vs. Degens. There, Chance was placed on the Degends team, while Veibae was placed on the VTuber side.

According to Mizkif, who commented on their relationship a few months ago, the couple met through Parasocial, after which they spent a lot of time together spending time on Discord. Their friendship eventually became something more.

One of Chance’s first streams to show her up close is the one that includes Rob “Roflgator,” another streamer, Twitch, who is also a friend of the couple.

The trio, along with several other streamers, hosted a unique dating show on VRChat, in which many applicants laughed when they tried to win the love of Veibae. Chance and Veibae started streaming more together, we often played League of Legends together for hours on and off the stream. Many of their viewers are beginning to suspect that something is going on between them because they “mock” each other on live broadcasts and have the same behavior outside the stream.

At one point, the couple even joked about breaking the “engagement” they had, with Veibae throwing a finger. When viewers try to question their relationship or congratulate Sodapoppin for looking “happier” lately, the streamer sets firm boundaries and lets people know he won’t convince them.

Sodapoppin confirmed his relationship with Veibae


veibae and sodapoppin
veibae and sodapoppin


veibae and sodapoppin: In the end, however, Sodapoppin lets people deal with it, proving his relationship status once and for all. After a simple request for a gift resulted in a series of comments from the public, the streamer took ownership of his relationship and stated the following:

“They literally grind a 20-hour league (or legends) together.”

Shortly afterward, Chance announced that they would “ironically” marry and buy cheap rings from Amazon to make a deal. Viewers are not yet sure if their statement is true.

veibae and sodapoppin: However, since the announcement of their relationship, it has not been as calm for the two as it could have been. While sharing how each of them received strange messages from people here and there, they both recently thought about a long e-mail sent by a VTuber about the quality of their streams.

“She’s yelling at me, I don’t have it”: Sodapoppin discusses his ironic relationship with VTuber Veibae

“We’re getting married”: Sodapoppin says his relationship with VTuber Veibae is absolutely ridiculous

“Crush 20 hours of the league together”: Sodapoppin answers questions about whether he’s dating VTuber Veibae

In the e-mail, the mention of Sodapoppin was relentless and bothered him for influencing Veibae. VTuber was also accused of allegedly trying to “turn around” him and Chance. While the audience looked worried, they both found the e-mail cheerful and insulting inside.

Veibae now lives in Europe, while Chance remains in Austin, Texas with partners Nick “Nmplol” and Malena Tudi. As a result, fans suspect that Chance is not making fun of what he said the couple married for visa reasons.

Sodapoppin is still with his girlfriend Veibae! Facts !!!

veibae and sodapoppin: Find all details about Sodapoppin’s girlfriend, Is sodapoppin still with his girlfriend Veibae? When did Sodapoppin marry Kaceytron? net worth and other details.

Thomas Chance Morris’ popular Sodapoppin is an American Twitch streamer and social media personality. In addition, it has a large viewership on Twitch with more than 3 million followers and more than 360 million views. The 28-year-old Twitch is known for his World of Warcraft skills. He is known for his live broadcasts of games and comic book personalities.

People are interested in his personal life and details about relationships. who is his girlfriend He is married? Read on to find out more details about Sodapoppin’s girlfriend. Is sodapoppin still with his girlfriend Veibae? When did Sodapoppin marry Kaceytron? net worth and other details.

News about Sodapoppin and Veibae is already online. By learning more about Sodapoppin’s friend and the state of the relationship, we learned that the couple has existed since they streamed closely at the end of 2021.

Is Sodapoppin still with his girlfriend Veibae?

veibae and sodapoppin: How do they meet? There are no details about where they just met. However, the couple first appeared in public on the big stream for Matthew’s Parasocial “Mizkif”, for VTubers vs. Dough.

Who is Veibae? She is VTuber under the talent agency VShojo, which has also signed Ironmouse, Natasha Nyanners, Silvervale and others on her list. Is Sodapoppin still with his girlfriend? The couple always seems to confuse people about their relationship.

According to Mizkif, who commented on their relationship a few months ago, the couple met through Parasocial. Then they started spending a lot of time with Discord.

Their friendship began to grow and also began to merge more. They have always been busy playing League of Legends together for hours on and off the stream. Therefore, many viewers wondered what happened between them. In addition, they also have fun with live streams and off-stream.

However, the couple had a strong bond with each other from the beginning. He also showed that they planned to marry his girlfriend Veibae, called it “crouching,” and explained how their whole relationship was ironic. It’s confusing to know if a couple’s relationship is really a complete scam.

When did Sodapoppin marry Kaceytron?

veibae and sodapoppin: Did you take Sodapoppin Kaceytron? He is not yet married to Kaceytron and is not his wife. Streamer has not been married yet. According to fans, he dated Veibae. Mar. has not yet confirmed both.

However, he had a relationship with Leo May Currier in 2021. In addition, he also published many photos of his girlfriend on his Instagram. However, their relationship did not work so well because there were problems caused by Le’s ex, who made the situation worse.

Sodapoppin’s Net worth and goods

veibae and sodapoppin: By 2023, Sodapoppin’s net worth is estimated at $ 8 million. He uses most of his income as a streamer career. In addition, it also has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers.


veibae and sodapoppin: He is a talented and experienced player who is today the most-watched player on Twitch. It has more than 6.2 million followers.

According to some sources, its revenue on YouTube could be anywhere from $ 375 to $ 6,000 per month. However, to see its rise in the coming days, it could receive more than a million views a month, and it would have to earn about $ 60,000 to $ 70,000 a year. That means his total revenue on Twitch and YouTube could be almost $ 600,000 a year.

In addition, he is a consultant and part of the “NRG Esports” ownership group of eSports. The organization is owned by Alex Rodriguez and Shaquille O’Neal, although Sodapoppin’s income is unknown. In addition, it also has a website and a variety of goods and clothing.

Sodapoppin is also active on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter and has many followers. In addition, he fell in love with his sense of humor and cheerfulness. He has a cheerful personality and moments in his streaming career.


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