The Strange Murder of Avielle Janelle Hernandez

avielle janelle hernandez
avielle janelle hernandez

Avielle Janelle Hernandez is an entertainer and artist who has been playing different characters in TV shows. She has showed up in movies, for example, “Qualified”, and “The Game” alongside “Elysia”, The Suite Life of Vicious Animals”. She is of Italian and Puerto Rican drop. Avielle Janelle was brought into the world in Bristol, Rhode Island to Aaron Josef and Shayanna Jenkins. Avielle Janelle was brought up in Rhode Island by her grandparents. She went to Cheryl s High School of dance in Rhode Island where she turned into an individual from the Debate Team.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

avielle janelle hernandez: In September 2021, she disappeared from her folks’ home. Police tracked down her departed inside their home subsequent to directing a profound inquiry of the house. It was decided that she was the survivor of a murder, and that her dad had killed her to conceal the way that he was undermining her. This made Avielle Janelle into a VIP in the Puerto Rican freedom party since she was one of only a handful of exceptional individuals from the family who had ended it all despite aggressive behavior at home.

Albeit this might be reality, one can address assuming this reality is valid, and assuming this is the case, why? avielle janelle hernandez One of the fast realities about Avielle Janelle’s dad is that he was in the military. He served for more than 20 years, which would show that he was dynamic in governmental issues, maybe even decided in favor of Obama. It is likewise vital to inquire as to whether her mom was his better half. Is it true or not that she was his better half too?

The speedy realities about Avielle Janelle’s mom will doubtlessly stay private, basically until some time or another in the future when some informant chooses to disclose them. Her mom’s name is Claudia Diaz Soto. Her origin is recorded as Sayulita, Mexico. Her family has forever been decidedly dug in the Latin American people group and was in the utilize of the U.S. military. In this way, it might be said that her mom was an exceptionally well known woman in Puerto Rican legislative issues, which would add to her speedy and great total assets, given her age (she was only 51 when she passed on).

There is one speedy reality about Avielle Janelle’s dad, nonetheless. His total assets is just hardly higher than hers. He has one house and resides on a moderate spending plan in Florida. His public activity seems, by all accounts, to be restricted to his Hispanic companions and to infrequent encounters with his own sister, who is a notable TV character.

With respect to Avielle Janelle’s stepmother, the name of whom we are just ambiguously familiar, we really do realize that she isn’t quite as rich as Mrs. Soto. The main thing certain is that she gives off an impression of being very well known with Avielle and her different kids, however she gives off an impression of being missing a great deal of times when Avielle is with her mom. She is Sonia Soto. On her Facebook page, she has an image of herself and Avielle, alongside the subtitle: “Messing around with my child young lady, Avielle. I’m so happy she made it!

avielle janelle hernandezOne could assume that Avielle’s homicide had something to do with her relationship with her stepfather, since her demise was the summit of a long example of fierce abusive behavior at home towards her dad. Nonetheless, that chance didn’t happen to me until I carried out some analysis into the case myself. Avielle was fifteen at the hour of the homicide, and her homicide was not the principal event of aggressive behavior at home that Avielle’s dad had been exposed to. His name was Peter Soto, and he likewise had a past filled with savagery against Avielle. Quite a while before this homicide, as a matter of fact, Avielle and her more youthful sister were seriously beaten by their stepfather outside their home.

While on her visit to Rhode Island the previous summer, Avielle posted about gathering her new spouse, Juan Carlos Guevara, on her MySpace page. avielle janelle hernandez Among her many voyages and visits to different social and workmanship historical centers, as per her MySpace profile, she wound up in Providence where she met this Brazilian “distort.” While I was doing some foundation research on Avielle and her dad, I was terrified to find that her stepfather was a notable figure in Brazil’s medication exchange, which might have been a consider her homicide.


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