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the age absolute elden ring: The Elden Ring Age of Absolute is an unused finale that seems to have just been discovered by a computer miner and consists of an interrupted task series. The Elden Ring has six familiar endings, and access to them depends on completing various quests and making specific selections in the final game. If you want to know all about the Elden Ring Age of the Absolute End and how it was discovered, we have it for you.

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the age absolute elden ring: The Elden Ring Age of Absolute seems to be a newly discovered finale that was eventually scrapped during development, but YouTuber Garden of Eyes was able to capture it. The Elden Ring End of Age of Absolute works similarly to the other endings in the last area of ​​the game in that you have the option to choose where you want it to happen, which in this case is the “Introduction of Age of Absolute”. “Then Tarnish took Marika’s head and laid it on her body before he knelt in front of her. When that happens, the Five Fingers appear on Elden’s throne and start to pray Tarnish. After that, voice-over takes place at the other ends, but with other dialogues while various scenes are displayed, such as burning Erdtree.

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the age absolute elden ring: The ending seems to be a combination of the real concept left over from development and a bit of enthusiastic work and modding for Garden of Eyes. Voice-over seems to be legitimate as one of the most important things that shows the real end. However, the rest of the end looks fake. First, the Five Fingers model makes stitches on the Two Fingers and Three Fingers models, while the animation on Praying Tarnished is just a Rapture gesture. Since the video was also released on April 1, there seems to be a lot of evidence that it is fake. However, the voice-over is a bit confusing, so we think it’s fair to say that some elements are real and that the Garden of Eyes is as hard as they can try to make it last.

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the age absolute elden ring: Elden Ring Fighting Elden Beast Boss: How to Defeat Radagon and Elden Beast 

Elden Ring Chief Elden Beast arrives at the end of the game and causes a climactic battle after seizing Radagon in the middle of Erdtree. When you get to this point, you will go a long way through the Elden Ring, and although both can be tough opponents, there are weaknesses in the Elden Beast and Radagon that you can exploit, along with available strategies. So read on the walk how you can beat Elden Ring boss Elden Beast along with Radagon.

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the age absolute elden ring: Elden Beast is a big boss fight in the story, you have to beat them to complete the game. They can be found in Elden Throne, an area accessible in Leyndell, the capital of Ashen after Erdtree was burned. However, Elden Beast is only the second round of the battle, because you must first defeat Radagon in the Golden Order, which is revealed as the other half of Marika.

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the age absolute elden ring: Radagon is a powerful boss with a holy hammer. His health fund is not very high, but he faces high divine damage, so we recommend joining this fight with some resistance to this condition. If you’re wondering how weak Radagon, Radagon’s main weak shot, is, you should immediately let him go to a construction site focused on this situation.

Finally, the Elden Ring Black Knife Silence is a unique call because it can do a lot of damage while still dodging and avoiding attacks. He can survive the second round and create a very good weakness for Elden Beast, where his help is even more useful. There are only a few to watch out for in Radagon’s attacks, but each of them can be deadly if you don’t concentrate. Lightning Spear is an attack in which Radagon throws a large spear at those who later explode. You can jump on it or dodge to the side, but avoid it until it explodes later. There is another attack like this, where he throws five lightning bolts into the fan cartridge, sometimes repeating the process twice, but you can avoid it and get some Radagonian attacks.

One of the big attacks to avoid is his attack, in which Radagon materializes with his missing arm before grabbing and squeezing you as the hammer shatters several times. The use of the Black Knife Silence – or any other appropriate call – applies here to prevent this move, as arrest can be punishable by death for injury.

The rest of his movement set is simple. Charge Swing is a move that causes Radagon to charge and hammer you, but you can stop the move to prevent it and get some hits. Finally, there’s the Jump Ground Slam, which it flies through the air for a while before coming down to you and causing damage to the AoE. You need a much better time for this move because you have to dodge Radagon during the descent to avoid the two creatures. If you always avoid these attacks, you may suffer good damage before returning. With a call facing constant damage or using Radagon’s weakness to shoot, this first round should be less difficult.

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the age absolute elden ring: Elden Beast has more health than Radagon and also comes with the same type of damage, so divine resistance is again a good idea to look for less damage. Divine damage can cause them, so avoid their full use and they are resistant to all the effects of the condition, which means that the weakness of Elden Beast is purely physical damage. They also have a weak abdomen that can damage a lot. One of the things that makes Elden Beast difficult is its large set of moves with 20 potential moves, and even if you finish the fight quickly, you’ll just be forced to avoid some of them.


You want to run after the Elden Beast immediately at-bat because their first attack is usually a large spread of fire. This will give you a chance to do some damage, and if the summoning Black Knife Tiche from the previous battle is still alive, he should use his red projectile to quickly get a good chunk of the HP boss. He can then use a lot of attacks, but you usually want to stay close to continue the damage. The Hand Slam is one of the basic attacks that the Elden Beast performs, as it throws its left hand to the ground, but can easily escape in any direction. Swing Sword is another simple movement in which the swords are drawn for a short distance before the sword is waved. Lack of this movement is your best choice, as an escape will lead to the end of your throw. He has another similar move called Swimming Sword Swing, where he swims to the ground before jumping back with a big swing. Dodge it just like the previous one. He also has many magical abilities. The Black Hole Teleport lets him swim into a black hole in the ground and teleports him to another area of ​​the arena, but the black hole then explodes. To do this, just avoid the black hole completely and run to the place where Elden Beast also moves. Sparkling dust is a huge movement of damage when they wave their hands in an arc, so a cloud of dust explodes. During the hammock, bend forward to prevent initial damage, and then completely remove the dust. Elden Beast’s flu attack can also do a lot of damage, but it’s easy to avoid because his hand flickers first. Elden Ring Blast is a unique attack that confuses the player. This causes a ring to form in the sky and then on the ground. It will start to close and cause damage, so you should sprint or leave immediately. If you get an Elden Beast with less than 50% HP, then this move is more complicated and you will have to jump over parts of the ring when escaping. Another move he can make is called Wing Spears, where he shoots magic spears from his wings to chase the player and fall to the ground. You can just walk in a circle to avoid it. Flying Flame Sword is another AoE attack, thanks to which Elden Beast jumps into the air, shoots his sword.

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