Rivian stock price prediction 2025

Rivian stock price prediction 2025:The honor for the biggest initial public offering of 2021 was awarded to Rivian. This record garnered the firm the largest investment raise in the amount of $11.9 billion of any firm in the United States since Facebook went public in 2012.

Despite this promising beginning, studio shareholder returns have not been all that extraordinary. Could Rivian mount a return, or is this investment dead money?

What Is Rivian?

Rivian stock price prediction 2025
Rivian stock price prediction 2025

The company that produces the R1S crossover, R1T truck, and R1S electric van is based in California. It launched its R1S SUV and R1T pick up, along with electric vans, in 2019. It also provides commercial-vehicle management for electric vehicles. The company offers accessories and also sells sub-sales services.

Will Rivian be a commercial success?

Rivian is developing a brand that appeals to adventurous consumers and those with environmental concerns. It is also led by a single CEO, Robert Scaringe, whose stated goal is to shift transportation toward more environmentally friendly means of operation.

Is Rivian Stock a Buy?

Rivian Corporation, at its peak, was worth more than $150 billion. As of now, the company’s value is estimated at roughly $28 billion. Yet, it has more than $16 billion in cash on its own. It must be a sound investment, right? Not necessarily.

Rivian has run into difficulty due to its expensive and rapidly rising revenue burn. Nevertheless, its increased sales volume has not been worth these expenditures, and sales have not significantly increased. It is difficult to label the financial performance of the company in this state, but if Rivian continues to monetize its resources so aggressively without seeing a marked improvement in sales volumes and production, it is certain to lose money. The valuation of the stock price is also uncertain at this time.

They have been displaying both short-term and long-term signs of causing concern. This includes attempted price increases, which the company experienced heavy backlash for, causing it reputational damage.

On top of that, the company is in process of implementing cost-cutting measures. Rivian just announced layoffs for 5  of its staff. This could be painted in a positive and negative light.

On the other hand, the weak investments and Rivian’s growth outlook could be influenced by this situation. Rivian currently believes that these cuts will not have an effect on production.

What Is the Forecast for Rivian Stock?

The analysts for 14 businesses have provided reports on the price of Rivian stock. Five have an “outperform” rating, five have a “hold” rating, and one has a rating of “sell“. The estimates run from a high of $108 to a low of $24.

The Bull Case for Rivian

Rivian has quickly developed and sold an electrical pickup truck that currently has a chance to grab a considerable share of the entire market as consumers transition to EVs. The company has already confirmed almost 90,000 pre-orders for additional electric vans on Amazon.

The Bear Case for Rivian

Rivian’s Bear Case has only manufactured 5,000 automobiles since production began in June 2022. The company reported in its quarterly letter published on page two that it hopes to ship to 25,000 events by the end of 2022, which is only a few compared to other businesses involved in the automotive industry.

Analyst Estimates for Rivian 2025

The Rivian stock share price is predicted to reach $58.50 by the year 2025. In volatile markets such as the one Rivian operates in, analysts will adjust their forecasts over the coming years.


From its amazing previous valuation, Rivian took a huge hit throughout 2020 and 2021, together with other presumed giants such as Biosolar and Anysight Technology. Although the company displays some promise in the long term due to the impending ubiquity of electric vehicles, there are still a lot of red flags. It is difficult to make a sound investment, and those with a high tolerance for risk should approach this with caution.

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