The Benefits of Unlimited Bandwidth for Reseller Hosting in India?


Digital communication becomes a crucial part all around the world. It can be anything from email, video conferencing, instant messaging, webchats, and even phone calls. Other forms of digital communication include blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. So, when you start a business online, you need to take care that the user can interact with your website very smoothly or we can say without any latency. Thus, you need to focus on having a good bandwidth that helps in transferring the information between the web browser and the internet.

Therefore, when you open a reseller hosting business in India, choose a Linux plan that has an unlimited bandwidth option. This will not only make your website load fast for your customer but also fasten the speed for your client’s end customers. So, in this article, we will discuss the use of bandwidth for Linux reseller hosting India and Hostbillo Hosting Solution that offers an unlimited one with the plans.

What Are Bandwidth and Its Uses?

Bandwidth is a measurement of the highest capacity of a wireless communication link to transmit data over an internet connection in a given time. You can usually measure it in the number of bits, megabits, kilobits, or gigabits that are transmitted in one second. So, if you bought a plan that has 50 Mbps then the information that can be transferred to the user is a maximum of 50 megabits per second. Many people believe that bandwidth is a measure of network speed. However, this measure only reflects the maximum amount of data that can be sent over an internet connection in a specified amount of time.

Bandwidth is used to quickly load a web page on a browser. It is one of the main factors when choosing a reliable Linux Reseller Hosting India plan. If your website contains lots of data like photos, videos, blogs, and many other things then a higher bandwidth like 25Mbps or more is necessary. Despite the fact that bandwidth and speed cannot be compared, greater bandwidth is necessary to maintain multiple devices running at acceptable speeds. That’s why in a reseller business you’ll doing to require an unlimited bandwidth option to easily run your client’s website too. So, to have an unlimited bandwidth option, choose Hostbillo’s Reseller Hosting India Plans that are based on the Linux OS and make the interaction better with your customers.

Hostbillo’s India Linux Reseller Web Hosting Plans with Unlimited Bandwidth

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Hostbillo Hosting Solution is a web hosting company that offers reliable and flexible hosting services. With an instant provisioning feature, the company offers reseller hosting packages in India using Linux OS. The plans include necessary factors to help grow your business and provide complete control of the web space to you. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth with its reseller hosting plans in India which makes information transmission easy.

Also, Hostbillo delivers complete 100% white label hosting services with its cheap Linux reseller hosting India plans that allow you to sell the packages under your own company name. Also, you’ll get administration access by which you can create, suspend, or remove a user hosting account whenever you want.

Benefits of Unlimited Bandwidth With the Best Linux Reseller Hosting Plans in India

Reseller Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Bnadiwth is important for several other reasons when you own a reseller hosting company in India. As a reseller, you will connect more websites to your web space which may lag the website if you don’t have enough bandwidth. So, in this section, you will know the benefits of having bandwidth with the Best Linux Reseller Hosting India.

Site Loading Times

Your site loading time depends on two important factors one is the server network and another is the bandwidth. The server network depends on the hosting provider from which you have bought the services and bandwidth depends on how much you get with the plan. However, Hostbillo offers a 99.90% network uptime to keep your server up all time with secure channels with Linux reseller web hosting services in India. And bandwidth is given unlimited so there is no measurement in receiving and sending the user information. Your user and customer will not face any problems while browning your web page as having an unlimited bandwidth mean less loading time. So, to have a smooth loading time, you can get Hostbillo’s Reseller Hosting India services based on the Linux operating system.

Load on the Web Server

If you have uploaded a lot of information and data on your web page then it definitely gets stuck when a third-party user accesses your site. The main thing that a web server does is get the requested sent by the user and send back the requested data. So, using unlimited bandwidth will make the sending and receiving of huge amounts of data easy. So, as a Linux Hosting Reseller in India, you’ll not get any difficulty if you have high bandwidth.

Allows More Simultaneous Visitors

As a reseller Linux hosting provider in India, you’ll receive more visitors at once when your business grows. So, having an unlimited bandwidth means allowing visitors to get access to the web page simultaneously even if you get high traffic. It not only benefits your reseller web hosting business but also your client’s websites too. So, even if you get high traffic, there will be no problem as you have a higher bandwidth option for your Linux reseller web hosting website in India.

Reduced Crashes, Bounces, or Busy Signals

Having a higher bandwidth means, the minimum bounce rate of your website. Since it is proven that if you have a lower-loading page for more than 3 seconds, the visitor will leave your page and go to other websites. This will degrade your Linux reseller web hosting India business reputation and you may lose lots of customers. Nevertheless, a higher bandwidth prevents your server from being compromised, resulting in a smoother user experience. So, if you don’t want a higher bounce rate for your website then choose unlimited bandwidth with Reseller Hosting India plans using Linux OS.


In order to run your business smoothly online, you need to ensure that your bandwidth is sufficient. Keep your business running smoothly by increasing your bandwidth speeds and understanding the difference between upload and download speeds. There are much more advantages of having a higher bandwidth than you can imagine so upgrade your Linux-based reseller hosting plan in India and make your website more user interactive.
Furthermore, as we have already discussed that Hostbilo offers maximum bandwidth with its Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans, so you can upgrade to their services. Also, the host provides 24*7 customer support services, so if you face any issue, their experts are there to help you.

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