RCA Universal Remote Codes And Programming Guide

If is it true that you are searching for RCA universal remote codes visit here. Or then again pondering which remote codes for RCATV work for your television?

Is it true that you are looking for RCA universal remote codes for Vizio television?

Do you know if your RCATV remote codes or RCATV codes however need further rules?

RCA remote codes are perplexing. It is vital to have some familiarity with the codes for RCA remote or remote codes for RCA to appropriately work RCATV.

In this aide, we have recorded down RCATV universal remote codes and referenced fundamental ways of setting up television or remote with them.

RCA Enterprise – A Short Presentation

RCA Partnership, established in 1921, is a shopper hardware brand. It started by assembling phonographs and radio sets prior to moving into TV inputs and other gadgets.

RCA fabricates and sells link and satellite TV inputs, blue ray players, A/V collectors, encompass sound frameworks, vehicle radios, home theater frameworks, and other customer gadget items.

RCA TV Remote Codes and Programming Guide:

They included with RCA universal remote where the gadget and arrangement codes for RCATVare found. The programming guide and RCA television remote code are accessible on the web or on a speedy reference card with another universal remote. This guide is additionally extensive that incorporates codes for RCA remote and the arrangement rules.

Codes for RCA Remote

There are eight unmistakable remote codes for RCA and nine distinct codes for VCRs on the RCA Universal Remote. For link boxes, there are two separate arrangements of codes.

RCA TV Remote Codes (Codes for RCATV)

044 038 034 027 019 011 006 000

RCATV Codes – Link Box Codes

027 000

RCATV Codes – VCR Codes

069 054 037 035 028 008 007 005 000rca universal remote codes for vizio tv

RCATV Codes – RCA Universal Remote Codes for Vizio television (Codes for RCATV)

0188 0187 0179 0125 0113 0096 0022 0015 0031 0054 0004 0107 0094 0100 0048 0102 0129 0342 0005 0191 0003 0163 0009 0162 0000

Brand                           Codes

Syntax                                           1610 1240 1331

Sansui                                           0463 0171 1670 1892 1935

Panasonic                               1480 0250 1457 0051 1291 2264

Gateway                               1755

Dell                                           1264

Celebrity                               0001

Funai                                           0001 0171 1963

LG                                           1423 1447 0017 0178 2358 2424

JBL                                           0054

Magnavox                               1454 1866 1755 0054 0051 0171 0802 1365 1856 1963

JCB                                           2372

Hitachi                                         1643 0145

Nexus Electronics                   2183

Philips                                         1454 1866 0054 1744 1856 2372 2374

RCA                                         1547 1447 0000 0051 0093 1661 1781 2187 2247 2434

Samsung                               0812 0060 0702 0178 1060 2051

Techwood                               0051

Viewsonic                             1755 0885 1330 1365 1578 1627 1640 1742 2014 2087 2277

TVS                                         463

Soyo                                         1826

Pulsar                                         0017

Penney                         0000 0156 0051 0060 0178

Zenith Digital                         0748 0765 1217 2397

GE                                     1547 1447 0000 0051 0451 0178

NetTV                                     1755

Prima                                     761

JVC                                     0463 0053 1253 1601 1774 2264

Insignia                         1423 1564 0463 0171 1660 1710 1892 1963 2049

Hi Kitty                             0451

Electrohome                         0463 1670

JBL                                     0054

Sanyo                                     017021039056057058

Proton                                     011027037072

Chime and Howell             005

Radio Shack                         000021025036037059064

Before you feel free to attempt to program an RCA universal remote utilizing RCATV codes, ensure gadget similarity. Numerous makers utilize various advances for their gadgets, implying that one remote won’t work with other producers’ hardware.

Moreover, the grounds that RCA might have made your television doesn’t imply that the remote RCATV codes recorded here will work with it. There are different kinds of remotes (with various programming abilities and different RCA television codes). Additionally, there are numerous advances for televisions, blue-ray players, and so on, making universal remote control inconceivable.

RCAUniversal Remote Codes and Programming Guide

The RCA universal remote is an extraordinary device to have in your home theater setup. It can possibly control numerous parts from various producers. Along these lines, you don’t need to stay aware of various remotes or stress over losing one of them. You might in fact program this remote physically if important. This article will assist you with understanding how these gadgets work and how to program them if important.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes (With 4-digit RCATV Codes)

Enter the four-digit code intended for your framework utilizing the RCA code records on the item bundling as an aide. This gets two things done:

  • In the first place, you will not need to figure out which codes will control your parts since they can be definitively coordinated.
  • Second, you can play out an immediate match between your framework and the RCA universal remote.

Really looking at The Programming Of RCA Universal Remote

When inputting the RCA remote codes well defined for your framework into the RCA universal remote, turn on a part remembered for that code. For example, in the event that you have a television with this remote, turn it on. Press any button on the RCA universal remote and take a gander at the part to check that it is off or on. In the event that the gadget didn’t answer as expected to the order from your RCA universal remote, really take a look at your codes for RCA remote rundown for an alternate one. Check which one could all the more likely suit your framework needs.

Beginning with RCA Universal Remote

When you have the appropriate codes for the RCA remote going into your RCA universal remote for your framework, you can turn on and off or change channels. You can place this remote in a focal area in your front room and use it as a war room for all your sound/video parts. You can likewise have a cabinet nearby where you store the entirety of your sound/video remotes with the goal that you don’t lose them.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes

Once the legitimate RCA remote codes are embedded into the RCA universal remote for your framework, turn on a gadget associated with this kind of remote. Press any button and take a gander at the gadget to check whether it answers. If not, you should really look at your codes for RCA remote rundown for an alternate one that better suits your framework.

Programming RCA Universal Remote Codes Technique

The most ideal way to program an RCA universal remote is through direct RCA television codes passage. This implies entering explicit RCA remote codes on the remote control itself without the utilization of the manual. This is typically finished by following numeric or brand postings on the remote for explicit gadgets like televisions, VCRs, DVRs, and sound hardware. You can program different gadgets with a substitute strategy.

One of these elective strategies is the learning mode. This permits you to perform direct programming on your universal remote yet under additional adaptable circumstances. For instance, in the event that the remote accompanies a learning capability, you can take out your television’s remote control and start programming buttons well-defined for your television’s capabilities. You should go through all of the RCA remote codes until you get to one that works for your TV image. In the event that the RCA television code is right, press “stop,” and the RCA universal remote will save that code for some time later.

Executing Arrangement Orders on Your RCA Universal Remote

Whenever you’ve figured out how to program your RCA universal remote with RCA television codes, performing arrangement orders is simple. For example, if you need to erase every one of the old codes in your RCA universal remote’s memory, go into the settings and afterward program. There you will see all of the past RCA remote codes that you put something aside for different gadgets. Press “select” to erase everyone until they’re completely gone.

Then again, in the event that your RCA universal remote isn’t answering or working appropriately with your gadget, there is a basic fix to the issue. To start with, ensure that the batteries in your remote are new and prepared for use. Provided that this is true, it could involve pointing your RCA universal remote straightforwardly to the gadget you need to control as opposed to at a specific point or from a good way.

In the event that these arrangements don’t take care of the issue with your RCA universal remote, then, at that point, it is presumably time to call client assistance or the maker of your RCA universal remote. There are sites where you can enter explicit codes for your specific gadget brand, and they will let you know which RCA remote codes are doubtlessly right. This recovery you time from being required to test everyone physically all alone.

Moves toward an arrangement of RCA Universal remote Codes

  • Prior to utilizing the remote, ensure that the batteries are as yet turning. Guarantee that it works appropriately.
  • Turn on any home theater hardware parts or gadgets, for example, a TV or a Blu-beam player, that you wish to set up before you start working with the RCA Universal remote control.
  • Press and hold the button compared to the part you’re designing on your PC for a couple of moments to finish the setup. The on/off button ought to be lit toward the beginning of the cycle and ought to remain enlightened all through.
  • To complete the method, press and hold both the part button (television, Blu-beam player, or blue ray player) and the on/off button simultaneously for a long time. The deactivation and reactivation of the lit on/off button will occur all the while. From that point forward, it ought to consequently betray again to work.
  • Yet again after the on/off button has been enlightened, discharge both of the buttons that you are presently holding down on the console. Make a point to turn it on consistently to guarantee legitimate activity.
  • To watch the film, press and hold the play button on the remote control for a couple of moments until the film begins. Click on the play button at regular intervals from that point forward, and continue to do as such until the part you’re modifying does not answer anymore. In the event that the part doesn’t switch off following 5 seconds, press the play button a second time until it does.
  • To finish this step, press and hold the converse button on your console for a couple of moments. Assuming you have confirmed that the part has been effectively reset, you ought to keep on pushing it like clockwork until the part has been effectively reset.
  • The stop button should be squeezed and held for a couple of moments after the gadget has been locked in to save the programming in the remote’s memory.
  • Every gadget you need to program will require the indistinguishable arrangement of cycles you utilized for the past gadgets.
  • The direct RCA remote codes input procedure might fix the issue in the event that the auto code search works appropriately for no real excuse.


1. Where could I at any point buy an RCA universal remote control?

RCA universal remote controls are accessible on the web and in conventional retail locations. You can likewise buy them straightforwardly from the RCA site. It likewise offers extra data about their items.

2. How would I reset my RCA universal remote control?

On the off chance that your RCA universal remote is through an outsider site, contact that particular site for help on resetting the gadget by means of its exclusive RCA remote codes. Assuming that you bought the RCA universal remote straightforwardly from the RCA site, apply their “self-programming” procedure to reset it. Begin by eliminating each of the batteries from the gadget, and ensure that they are supplanted in three minutes or less. Press and hold any button on your remote for three seconds, then, at that point, discharge just that one explicit button while proceeding to hold down different buttons in general. Stand by something like five seconds, then press and hold the power button and any gadget button relating to a customized part for at least three seconds. The on/off button ought to switch off totally, place your batteries back in their appropriate positions, and you ought to have the option to regularly utilize the RCA universal remote.

3. How would I refresh my RCA universal remote control?

RCA universal remote controls can be refreshed web-based through their site or by utilizing the “oneself programming” strategy nitty gritty in this article. The last strategy requires downloading an updated document from their site and stacking it onto a USB drive. Then, you want to eliminate all batteries from your remote and plug in the USB drive. At long last, you can follow the “oneself programming” procedure definite above – remember that a similar interaction should be utilized for every gadget you need to program into your universal remote control.

4. What number of RCA universal remote codes are there?

There are in excess of 1,000 RCATV universal remote codes. In any case, these RCATV codes likewise follow an example in light of their related gadget name. This intends that if “Television” is modified into your RCA universal remote control, it ought to approach in excess of 100 RCATV universal remote codes. Subsequent to endeavoring all of the applicable RCATV codes choices, one will give the ideal outcome. In the event that this doesn’t work, take a stab at entering the producer’s explicit code(s) for your particular gadget.

5. Do I have to eliminate batteries while programming an RCA universal remote with RCATV codes?

There is a compelling reason need to eliminate the batteries to program new gadgets. A possible example of when this ought to be done is the point at which you eliminate or add customized parts at some random time. The main special case is on the off chance that you’re utilizing your programming strategy, and you should finish the programming physically and the resetting system.

6. What do I do assuming that my power fasten is working yet different buttons aren’t?

On the off chance that your power button isn’t switching off gadgets that are set up with the RCA universal remote, this implies that either the batteries should be supplanted or you are entering mistaken codes for RCA remote. If conceivable, supplant the batteries first; assuming that they as of now show up new, have a go at programming in a substitute code (for instance, 0000) and endeavor to switch off your part. On the off chance that this doesn’t work, ensure that the gadget is modified, and take a stab at entering an alternate code to check whether you can utilize your RCA universal remote control somewhere else.

7. What are the appropriate batteries for my RCA universal remote control?

It might be ideal on the off chance that you supplanted all batteries with one or the other AA or AAA batteries. Modest basic or lithium batteries are the most ideal choices, however, you can utilize different brands in the event that your RCA universal remote control isn’t working accurately. Try not to involve battery-powered batteries in any situation, as these can harm your gadget.

8. Do I need to press a button for it to work?

RCA universal remote controls have an “auto-rehash” include that makes it workable for you to hold down a button without squeezing it over and over. This is especially valuable while utilizing macros, which are assortments of orders that can be enacted by squeezing various buttons immediately or in a grouping.

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