Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit and Its Importance

Social media audit is a systematic analysis of a brand’s social media presence, its processes and parameters, with the ultimate goal of identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement. In my experience, The audit is similar to any other marketing audit, with the added dimension of social assessment.

Guidelines in Completion of Social Media Audit

The audit is a systematic process in which the brand must follow certain guidelines. These are:

1. The Audit Must Be Global

To ensure that all brand profiles and activities on all the different social networks are evaluated and analyzed, the audit must get carried out globally.

2. The Brand Must Participate Actively

It is advisable to solicit feedback from customers and potential customers on each platform to avoid biases or prejudices caused by a few negative reviews or opinions.

3. The Brand Must Be Committed to The Audit

It is a very time-consuming process that requires a commitment to be carried out successfully.

4. The Brand Must Have a Clear Vision of Its Identity

It requires qualitative and quantitative analysis, which helps better define the brand’s image and activities on each platform.

Benefit of Social Media Audit

1. Assessing Brand Presence

It provides a global vision of how well a brand performs on each social network, with quantitative data and qualitative comments and opinions.

2. Determining The Best Mix Between Channels

By studying each platform’s activities, it helps define the mix of channels that best fit the brand’s objectives.

3. Monitoring Brand Reputation

It allows monitoring of the brand’s perception on each network, and thus to better understand its image and reputation on social networks.

4. Conducting Optimization Actions

Following the recommendations from the audit, the brand can optimize communication with customers through content, frequency, or timing.

5. Determining Gaps in Performance

The audit helps to identify areas where an improvement is necessary to reach an optimal level of performance.

6. Knowing How Your Competitors Are Doing On Social Media

The audit allows us to evaluate each competitor’s performance on each network.

7. Understanding Customer Needs and Expectations

Through the audit, the brand can understand its customers’ needs and expectations and adapt its content according to their demands.

8. Providing Actionable Insights for Content Marketing

By analyzing the comments of customers and the reactions to activities carried out by the brand, insights used in Content Marketing plans are obtained.

9. Prioritizing Activities According to Performance

By analyzing the audit findings, I can prioritize and focus on the activities that result in better performance.

10. Quantifying Social Media Impact

By measuring data, it is possible to quantify the impact of each activity and thus determine whether it should get continued or not.

11. Identifying Opportunities for Growth

It helps to identify areas where a brand can grow further on social platforms.

Social Media Audit Checklist

1. Verification of Already Existing Presence

The audit requires verifying whether a brand already maintains an active social presence on each platform and network.

2. Evaluation of Each Brand’s Criteria

A qualitative analysis that helps to determine what strengths and weaknesses a brand has in the social media arena, and thus how it can improve its performance on certain platforms.

3. Quantitative Analysis

A quantitative assessment of the number of followers and fans on each platform, the frequency and duration of activities carried out by the brand.

4. Evaluation of Elements That Measure Brand’s Performance

The audit evaluates several elements that measure a brand’s performance on each platform, including reach and engagement.

5. Analysis of Customer Feedback

Verify customers’ reactions to activities carried out by the brand on each platform, whether positive or negative.

6. Evaluation of Gaps in Performance

Analyzing the gaps identified on each platform can help the brand improve its performance and reach.

7. Prioritization of Activities

A prioritization of the activities carried out by each platform according to their impact and scope.

8. Objective Evaluation Criteria

Verify whether social media activities meet objectives defined for each channel.

Netbasequid Their Services and Ways They Could Help Reach Business Goals

Netbase Quid is a social media audit service that allows brands to understand their presence on social networks better and evaluate the impact of their activities according to specific criteria defined in advance. This information is used to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns, measure results, and make decisions on how they should get carried out in the future.

The audit allows brands to understand better the impact and strength of their performance levels on each media, which is useful for assessing the effectiveness of activities. Netbase Quid might be the ideal solution for companies that want to do an audit, considering its wide range of services and how it helps businesses achieve their objectives.


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