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Enjoy Maui Shave Ice at These Locations

In a state with hot weather, few things cool you down like a heaping cup of shaved ice. You can find it on every island, with each having its own special flavors and toppings.

This local favorite features a mix of traditional kids’ flavors and adult ones like Roselani and coconut cream. They also offer hula cookie ice cream sandwiches that feature Roselani ice cream between two cookies!

Beach Street Shave Ice

Easily the best shave ice in Maui, Beach Street Shave Ice offers a big flavor over soft ice that’s light as freshly fallen snow. In my experience, They use homemade syrups that taste EXACTLY like what they’re supposed to be, plus Roselani ice cream, li hing mui powder, and fresh mochi. It’s not the fastest place to order and you can expect a wait, especially during peak times, but it’s worth it.

When you walk up to the order window along Front Street in Lahaina or Kihei, you’ll start by choosing your shave ice size (keiki is great for kids), and then selecting your syrup flavors. You’ll also have to decide if you want ice cream or azuki beans. The Haleakala is their most popular mix, with coconut and Leche topped with cream. They also offer specialty flavors and limited-time options that change frequently.

Peace Love Shave Ice

While many people use the terms shave ice and snow cone interchangeably, they are not the same thing. Shave ice is a Hawaiian treat made with shaved ice covered in syrup and often garnished with fruit or other toppings. It is a popular snack in Hawaii and is available at many different stands throughout the island. It can be found in colorful snack shacks or trendy trailers in parking lots.

The owners of Peace Love Shave Ice have a passion for serving great-quality shave ice. They use purified water for the ice and organic raw Maui cane sugar for their syrups. They also offer sugar-free options that are sweetened with stevia. Their most popular flavor is the Customer Favorite, which mixes guava, passion fruit, and mango for a tropical paradise in a cup.

In addition to shave ice, Peace Love Shave Ice serves plate lunches and other yummy snacks. They even have a little trailer in San Diego!


Shave ice is arguably one of the most beloved sweet treats in Hawaii. It’s refreshing and a great option for people with food allergies or sensitivities. You can find it in colorful snack shacks and trendy trailers/food trucks on beaches all over the island. But it’s the extra goodies that make shave ice truly unforgettable. Besides the syrup, popular shave ice toppings include azuki beans (Japanese red beans boiled and pressed into a sweet paste) and vanilla ice cream.

Tobi’s has all the typical shave ice flavors plus tropical ones like passion fruit, lychee, and guava. They also have mochi on hand, which adds a chewy texture to the fluffy snow. It’s a perfect treat after a morning of shopping or before your afternoon whale watching tour. The Lahaina location is right off Front Street, making it easy to stop by before or after your day of adventures! You can also grab a plate lunch or a bowl of poke here.

Island Snow

The shave ice at this popular local spot is some of the best in town. They have a ton of fun flavors like snawzberry and lemonade (and the classics too). If you’re feeling a bit indulgent, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top! They also have a nice selection of merch. This is a great stop after a day at the beach or before heading out on your next adventure!

Founded back in 1951, Matsumoto’s is a true local favorite. While they offer all the standard shave ice flavors, they also have some more unique ones like ramune and kona coffee. Plus, they have the coveted rainbow topping!

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