best sun hats

A handy guide to choosing the best sun hats in 2023

How would you narrow down your search with multiple best sun hats?

 best sun hats
best sun hats


best sun hats: Three significant factors to deliberate are the shape and size of the brim, activity level, and material. The brim size is a vital factor because it plays with UV protection. The higher the brim size, the better will be the protection. Hence, you can go for the wide-brimmed Panama or fedora hats because they shield you against ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, you also have the narrow-brimmed headwear, which has a minimum brim of three inches; these give you a calm and composed look.

Sun protection is one of the most vital areas that determine how you pick your headwear. Along with this, the size also makes a difference. The size of the headwear with the brim impacts the UV-blocking capacity. The dispersed UV bounces up below the projection of the headwear and strikes lower on the face. Hence, the curved brim sits comfortably on the head and provides better protection.

Another viable approach to protecting oneself from UV rays is wearing Flap hats. The best Sun hats available with flaps are the ones that give you complete protection and shield the skin from UV rays. Along with this, it protects your neck as well as ears. Some sunblock headwear with flaps extends up to the neck and wraps the part of your body. Hence, they provide excellent protection to the cheeks and chin. You must wear hats in heated summers for the best protection.

  • Hat size

 best sun hats
best sun hats


Big hats are a better option than small ones. Tight headwear refers to more stress, and you will never desire to wear it. Many best sun hats for men come with adjustable straps, but in every case, you must measure your head to ensure it fits well. For those who want comfortable headwear, you can go for the wide-brimmed fedora hats that come from breathable and lightweight material. You must also consider the material, the brim size, and the crown height. Consider these significant aspects if you want the hat to fit you well.

  • Reflect UV rays

Remember that best sun hats can effectively reflect UV rays. Even the wide-brimmed headwear may not stop the rays from reflecting from the surface. So what do you do? The thumb rule is you go for sun protective material that works better than sunscreen. These protect you from the sun’s rays and keep your head cool. One area you cannot leave out is the fabric and the texture. Maximum protection comes by combining sunscreen with a sun protection outfit.

  • Do not forget your style

You must maintain your style and personality when selecting the hats. Never think that what looks best on others may look best on you. It’s because every hat has a different appearance and fit. Traditional baseball caps never go out of style for both genders. On the other hand, headgear is a perfect option for the summer months. They guard the eyes and do not allow you to reveal you’re lousy hair.

Hence, if you are looking for something stylish and comfortable at the same time, you have to go for that extra coverage. Give yourself that chance to experiment with different options to reveal the best of your style and personality. The most vital area that you have to bring under discussion is the brim size and material. Never compromise on these aspects because the headwear’s quality will decrease.

  • Is it packable? 

If the summer heat is not packable, you won’t be able to take it on vacation. The more packable a hat is, the better will be the durability. If you can easily pack it in your travel bag, your hat will remain in shape. Along with this, the weight of the headwear also makes a huge difference. A light that is ideal as it is comfortable to wear and maintain. Hence, if you travel a lot, you must choose lightweight headwear that’s easy to carry and keep. See that the hat comes with adjustable straps because they fit your head well irrespective of the material and size.

Since these are the most vital areas you must look into before selecting the headwear; you can assure yourself that nothing will go wrong. Remember that hats are a one-time investment. In my experience, it would help if you did not compromise on the quality of the headwear because you will not get durable material. Always go for those manufacturers known for their quality material and reputation. Along with this, you must compare different options to see that they suit your budget and go with your outfit and sense of style. If you wear a hat that is not in sync with your business, it can create trouble. For looking sophisticated look, match your hat with your outfit.

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