Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers


Water-soluble bags offer an effective, eco-friendly and hygienic way to minimize contact between staff and contaminated laundry. They’re designed for dry linens and dissolve completely during a cold wash laundry cycle.

A composite uniplanar film consists of a strip of cold-water-soluble plastic film attached to one side and one strip of hot-water-soluble plastic film on the other, designed specifically to minimize contact between staff members and infected laundry. These films can be especially helpful in hospitals and nursing homes that seek to limit contact between staff and patients with infectious laundry.


Water-soluble bags developed by eco-conscious Chilean researchers take just weeks to break down in the environment without leaving behind toxic residue. Made of nontoxic and biodegradable materials that disintegrate in cold or hot water environments, Solubags provide safe and nonpolluting packaging options.

These bags can be used for mixing pigments in concrete and cement mixes, containing bed bug infested linens in hotels/motels/correctional facilities/prisons, washing MRSA-contaminated laundry loads, or for other uses – such as nursing homes and hospitals. Furthermore, their use provides convenient hygienic care solutions.

These bags are constructed using PVA, a natural resin produced without pollutant emissions or harmful additives. Furthermore, PVA can be degraded through photothermal or oxidative processes without leaving sediments behind; additionally it can be taken up by microorganisms found in soil.


Dissolvable bags provide an eco-friendly, hygienic solution for isolating and transporting dirty linen. Once placed into a cold wash cycle, they dissolve completely without ever having to be handled or touched by staff – further reducing cross contamination risks.

The bag is constructed from plastic-free material that breaks down quickly when exposed to water, much faster than traditional plastic’s 150 year degrading cycle. Kavitha’s father runs a wall putty manufacturing business and was inspired to come up with this solution as part of his efforts to reduce plastic waste from his factory.

These bags come in an assortment of colors and sizes to meet various industrial applications. Their heat seal coating ensures leakage is prevented while their nontoxic material won’t leave behind residue in the wash.


Water-soluble bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, dissolving quickly in cold or hot water and dispersed rapidly into nature without leaving behind any waste or sediment. Furthermore, these recyclable bags can be produced on equipment normally used for non-biodegradable plastics.

Biodegradable bags are an essential tool in hospitals, nursing homes and hotels. Used to contain dirty linens while also protecting staff members from unnecessary contact with blood-borne pathogens or bedbugs, these biodegradable bags provide essential containment solutions.

Finisterre is a British company that manufactures bags from PVA material. Although they’re often touted as replacements for single-use plastic bags, this claim should be taken with caution as PVA polybags still have a far higher carbon footprint than their plastic counterparts (LDPE or PET).


Water-soluble bags offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags, dissolving easily in hot or cold water and compatible with commercial washing machines. These eco-friendly solutions are particularly ideal for hospitals and nursing homes looking to minimize staff exposure to potentially infectious linen containing bloodborne pathogens, MRSA or pests like bed bugs.

Contrasting with conventional plastic, which takes 500 years to degrade, water-soluble bags can be composted within three months using photothermal, oxidation, or microbiological processes; further allowing reuse while decreasing waste production.

Polyvinyl alcohol plastic bags are highly flexible, providing a high degree of transparency and flexibility that withstands heavy loads without torniing easily. There are various formats, sizes, thicknesses and styles available that are also tasteless odor-free making them suitable for food packaging as well as laundry applications and can even be personalized with logos and information for branding.

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