8 Most common causes of divorce

causes of divorce

causes of divorce

causes of divorce: When you are facing problems with your spouse due to some reasons like extramarital affairs, lack of compatibility, lack of physical attraction, financial problems, emotional torture, etc., to maintain peace of mind, you finally decide to separate from them. Now, the process you need to go through  is divorce. In many parts of the world, it is still believed that divorce is taboo and that, rather than being in a bad marriage, it is always a wise move to divorce. Divorce cases are very complex and involve many legal laws, so it will be an awful move to deal with this alone as you are already facing emotional turmoil, so hiring a divorce lawyer in Montgomery, AL, will be a good decision. Divorce lawyers are specialized in such cases, and they can be your constant legal advisors during the whole process of your divorce.

Main reasons for divorces:

  1. When a person goes outside of a relationship and gets involved in an extramarital relationship or infidelity, the outcome is divorce. The other person in the relationship feels cheated and can file for divorce.
  2.  Some couples face problems handling their finances due to the differences in their spending, investment, and saving patterns. This can be a prominent cause of divorce.
  3. Communication is one of the major pillars of marriage. Shouting at your spouse, making bad comments about your spouse, or not making enough time to talk to your spouse can result in insecurity in your relationship and cause divorce.
  4. Couples who tend to argue more often due to the difference in their opinions can be one of the most important causes of divorce.
  5. Sometimes couples have unrealistic and very high expectations from each other; this is one of the foundational causes of divorce.
  6. Physical and emotional intimacy between couples is one of the major causes of a good marriage, but if this is absent between the pair, then it may result in divorce.
  7. Physical abuse, that is beating up your spouse is a serious issue and one of the main causes of divorce.
  8. Emotional torture is one of the most common causes of divorce.


Nowadays, divorces have become very common, because everyone is independent and very opinionated. No one likes to be emotionally or physically tortured by anyone, be it their spouse. A bad marriage is a curse that can ruin your whole life and make you mentally unfit. So, it is always a good move to come out of a bad marriage with the help of a good and trustworthy divorce lawyer.

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