Four Ways a Trucking Company Can be Responsible for a Truck Accident in Ontario, CA


If you sustained injuries in an Ontario truck accident, you want that at-fault party to take responsibility for it. This party could be the truck driver or the trucking company that employed them or both. If other parties share liability for your accident, you have a better chance of getting the full value of your claim. Sometimes, the negligent actions of the trucking company may be to blame for the accident. In this case, you can have a separate claim against the company. If you are not sure about the steps to take to maximize your accident claim, hire a truck accident lawyer Ontario, CA as soon as possible while important evidence is still accessible. So how can a trucking company be responsible for causing a truck accident?

Negligent Hiring

Some trucking companies allow an incompetent trucker to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, this negligent hiring practice can fire back when the trucker causes an accident. In this case, the trucking company should be held liable for the resulting damages. Under federal law, trucking companies must verify the commercial license of their drivers, perform a background check by contacting the previous employers of the trucker, and get medical certification that the driver is fit to operate a truck. 

Negligent Inspections and Maintenance

Every trucking company must regularly inspect its trucks to detect possible maintenance problems. Also, they must make sure their drivers perform pre-trip and post-trip inspections. Usually, such duties are breached, so the truck can get on the road. 

Additionally, federal law requires trucking companies not to have their poorly maintained trucks running on the road. Companies that do not maintain their trucks, especially the vital parts of the truck such as breaks, tires, and steering should take responsibility for any accident the truck could cause. 

Hours of Service Violations

The law requires that truck drivers should only operate a truck for a certain number of hours to avoid accidents due to driver fatigue. If a trucking company encourages its drivers to work beyond the legal hours of service, it could be liable when the trucker causes an accident because of falling asleep or being drowsy while driving. 

Improper Loading

Some truck accidents result from improper loading of goods. If this results in an accident, the victims may have another claim against the trucking company. An attorney can help victims pursue the compensation they deserve for the injuries and losses they suffer because of the accident. 

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