Seeking Physio Treatment for Baker’s Cyst

When your knee starts to overproduce synovial fluid this causes Baker’s Cyst also called a Popliteal Cyst. The fluid excess leads to the expansion of the burda behind the knee. You will see and feel it bulging and expanding and adding pressure. As well as seeing inflammation you will also feel some degree of pain and aching, especially when you try to straighten the knee. It is something you can go to a physio Mount Hawthorn to get help with.

Some of the most common causes of a Baker’s Cyst

A Baker’s cyst happens when there is joint damage. This can happen from a variety of injuries, medical reasons and more.

  • Gout
  • Arthritis
  • Injury from an accident or a sporting event
  • Swollen knee
  • Direct damage
  • Any other knee disorders

Options for treating a Baker’s Cyst

Your first efforts should be about reducing the swelling. These efforts will also help with the pain. Some of these things you can manage yourself, and some you will want to see someone who can help such as an experienced trained physio Floreat or elsewhere.

Modify the activity you are doing

You will need to reduce or at least modify activity, especially any that causes you pain. So that you are managing some movement but not too much to aggravate your knee your physio can help with a plan on what short term exercises you can do and alternatives you can use.

Apply ice, compress and elevate the knee

The leg affected should be elevated so that your knee is above your heart. You should also apply ice and compression to help lower the swelling. You should not rest for too long though as doing completely nothing for a couple of weeks won’t actually help

Make time to elevate the leg with the knee above the heart, apply some ice and add compression to the knee to help reduce the swelling. Just putting your leg up and doing nothing for a couple of weeks is not the answer to help build strength back up and to return to normal life and activity.

Improve your balance and strength

Your physio Mount Hawthorn residents most trust is going to help you with the strength and the balance. Having pain in your knee and a restriction to movement means that you have likely developed different movement patterns. Restoring strength and normalising those movement patterns is not easy and seeing a physio can help in the short as well as the long term.

An expert physio will help you

When you have reputable and experienced physio Floreat based or elsewhere, they can do a proper assessment of your issue, current and previous injuries that are relevant, your lifestyle and general activity and then help with addressing healing and pain management. They will undertake a full body assessment including movement and any loading issues, imbalances, and weaknesses. Then their retraining, exercises, conditioning and other treatment will be focused completely on your needs.

It is always a good idea that you meet up with a local physiotherapist and ask them as it what is the best possible solution for your condition.

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