Tips On How To Skate Backwards On Roller Skates

Tips On How To Skate Backwards On Roller Skates

Roller Skates: Roller Skating is an amazing form of exercise and wonderful leisure activity. Many people find roller skating incredibly difficult, but nothing is impossible with practice and time. There are many moves to learn and knowing how to roller skate backward can add variety to your experience.  Before you attempt to skate backward, you need to know the basics of roller skating. When skating, remember to use protective equipment and the right gear as this can save you from injuries that are bound to happen when learning new moves.

So, Let’s start with the tips and tricks that would help to learn how to skate backward on Roller-skates;

Learn to shift your weight from one foot to another:

Roller Skates
Roller Skates

Before starting off with backward roller skating, you should invest your time in practicing shifting you’re your weight from your right foot to your left foot & vice-versa. It is important to know where your body is centered over your feet or skates in the process of skating.

Start making an inverted V shape with your feet:

Ensure that your toes are touching each other, and your heels are wide apart making a roughly 90-degree angle with your toes forming the corner. You can even bend your knees a bit if you find it a bit uncomfortable to maintain this position.

Push your heels apart and move them back together:

Push into your heel to spread one apart from the other, and create as much gap as possible between them to increase your speed. Once the heel meets, assume the inverted V-shape position again and repeat the process. In backward skating, everything depends upon the movement of your heels.

Keep & maintain your chest a bit forward over your knees:

The next thing with backward skating is always keeping your chest a little bit forward over your knees.  Once your chest comes back here, then it’s easy to fall backward, so always keep your knees bent, push your butt out, push your chest forward, and you’ll be in the right position.

Try to increase the length of your stroke:

Spread your ankles wider to generate more momentum and the faster you repeat this process of putting your toes and then pushing your ankles apart, the quicker you’ll move. But initially, do not focus on the speed and rather start slowly to avoid falling unnecessarily. And if eventually, you fall, don’t panic and feel uncomfortable. It takes lots of practice to learn backward skating.

Pushing off the wall method:

You should start trying to push yourself away from the wall when you don’t know how to transition. It is yet another good way to start off with backward skating.

Once pushed backward, you can gather momentum by using a split stance with one foot in front of the other with some width in between. Then push your feet to keep moving.

Small steps at first:

Begin with small movements. As you get more comfortable and confident, elongate your stride and practice to make your feet movement perfect.

And those are some tips on your backward skating, so make sure you include these tips in your tutorial good luck with your backward skating.

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