Turkey from Angola

Online Visa to Travel to Turkey from Angola

As for most foreigners, Angolan citizens must obtain a visa in order to enter Turkey. Angolans must obtain a travel permit prior to departure. At the moment, only a handful of nationalities can travel to Türkiye visa-free.

Fortunately, the process of obtaining a Turkey visa with an Angolan passport has become much quicker and easier than it used to be thanks to the possibility of applying for a Turkey eVisa online.

The Turkey Visa for Angola Citizens is an electronic travel authorization that allows Angolan passport holders to travel to Türkiye for tourism or business purposes. It is applied for completely online, meaning that there is no need to visit a Turkish embassy or consulate in person. Processing times are extremely quick.


The requirements for a Turkish visa depend on the specific permit one intends to apply for. Angolans are eligible for a single-entry Turkish eVisa that will grant them a stay of up to 30 days in the country.

The eVisa requirements are minimal and include:

  • An Angolan passport valid for at least 6 months since the expected date of arrival
  • An application form that is completed in all of its sections with accurate information
  • A current email address. This is where the authorities will send updates regarding the visa application
  • debit or credit card to pay the application fee
  • Two recent passport-size photographs
  • valid visa or residence permit from one of the following countries: Schengen area countries, Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States. Electronic permits are not accepted


Angolans can use the eVisa to enter Turkey by land, sea, and air. As they reach the passport control desk at the border, they will be asked to show a copy of their valid electronic visa together with the original Angolan passport that they used during the visa application.

As the travel permit is directly linked to the passport, no other document will be accepted and failing to provide the relevant passport will result in entry being denied. An itinerary for a Schengen visa application is a document that outlines the applicant’s planned travel schedule within the Schengen area

Besides the visa and passport, Angolan travelers may be asked to provide further documents as proof of their travel plans, intentions, and financial means. These may include:

  • Hotel reservations and details of the visitor’s travel itinerary
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the entirety of the stay in Turkey. This could be provided in the form of bank statements, credit cards, or cash

All foreigners reaching the Turkish border must also make sure to check and abide by the country’s customs regulations.


The application is straightforward and quite easy to complete. Each traveler should file a separate, individual application. However, it is possible for Angolans to help their family members or friends to apply for a Turkish eVisa, as long as they provide the information and documents required.

It is paramount that Angolan applicants answer all questions in the online questionnaire as truthfully as possible to avoid complications in the review process. Applications missing documents or presenting incorrect or incomplete information may result in delays or even rejection.

Find below details of the questions that Angolans may be asked during the eVisa application:

  • Personal information. Full name and date of birth
  • Contact information. Address, phone number, and email address
  • Family information. Applicants may be asked the name and other details regarding their parents
  • Passport information. This includes the details showing on the bio page, such as passport number, issue, and expiry date, and place of issue
  • Security information. Travelers may be asked details of past criminal convictions and/ or immigration history
Turkey from Angola
Turkey from Angola



Once the form is complete, Angolan applicants can proceed to upload the necessary supporting documents as highlighted above. All documentation can be provided in digital format. After paying the eVisa fee, travelers can lodge their application.

Since the process is entirely electronic, Angolans can request their eVisa from anywhere in the world, including the comfort of their home or office. All they need is a reliable internet connection.

Turkey Visa for Bangladesh Citizens requests are processed quickly. Most are reviewed within one day, but visitors are encouraged to apply at least 48 hours in advance to allow enough time in case of delays. Those situations are rare but can occur around public holidays or, as mentioned before, when the application lacks information.

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