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When you have something wrong with your ankles or feet and you are looking for a foot expert you need a podiatrist Northcote or in your vicinity. Sometimes it is easy to overlook your feet and their health. But do not underestimate how much of an impact they have on how you feel and your quality of life. A podiatrist can help with things like ingrown toenails, fungal infections, injuries, sprains, balance problems, arch and heel pain and more. If you have an underlying condition that impacts your feet such as arthritis or diabetes they can also help with that. Treatments range from changes in shoes, using inserts, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, medications, soft tissue manipulation, dry needling, certain exercises and more. Here is a look at how to find one.

Where to look for a podiatrist

In this country, podiatrists work in public health clinics, a public hospital or for community health services, or they are part of a private practice. Finding one in your preferred location, for example, podiatry Northcote you can look at the health direct service finder or you can check the APA site (Australian Podiatry Association) or you can discuss your needs with your doctor. Doctors often have a network of specialists they recommend to their patients when they need further investigation. You can also talk to people you know, people who live in your community, to find out who they suggest.

Considering the cost of seeing a foot specialist

You do not, in most cases, have to have a referral from your GP to have a consultation with a podiatrist. You can contact them yourself and make an appointment and do it that way. But if you have a chronic medical condition that is the reason for your foot problems, for example, diabetes, then you might be able to get the costs covered by Medicare, in part or in full, under your doctor’s disease management plan. You will need to talk to your doctor further before you take the next step and see a podiatrist Northcote.

If you are not able to have it covered by Medicare then the costs vary depending on location, what your problem is, what the treatment will be and so on. You can ask them about costs when you call and if you have private health insurance you can call them to see if your plan covers seeing a podiatrist.


When you get an appointment and you are heading to see an expert in podiatry Northcote, you should have some questions in mind so you learn all you can about the issue. Things you might ask include how long recovery will take, what shoes should you be wearing, are there exercises you can do at home to help your feet, can they help you with better pain management? Make sure you feel comfortable with them and remember to wear your usual shoes so they can see what you normally have on your feet!

As you grow older foot issues can take over. Timely visit to a doctor can help you get quick relief.

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