Top Ceramic Dinnerware Trends of 2022

Today, around 9 million families are living in Australia. Every family member might be busy throughout the day, but they sit together at the dinner table at night.

Therefore, it is essential to have dinnerware that is pleasing to look at as well as functional. It creates a renewed sense of awe, and changing up your cutlery frequently creates curiosity, especially among children and fussy eaters.

If you are moving into a new house or looking to rebuild your crockery collection, you must know the latest ceramic trends. This article tells you what colours and styles are in this year so you can make a perfect choice.


2022 Dinnerware Trends

This year, the trends emphasise expressing yourself. Be it the colour, shape, size, or utility of your crockery, they must create an experience for everyone sitting at the table. Here is everything you should look out for when buying your tableware.


Minimal Designs

The days of excessively painted and patterned crockery are gone. Your plates and bowls must be minimal not to draw attention away from the table or the food.

Instead of patterns, focus on shapes and silhouettes. In addition to aesthetics, think about its functionality. For instance, porcelain plates with curved edges can help you avoid any spillage. You can also play with colours rather than choose the same white crockery.


Playful Colours

Tableware has been limited to neutral shades for far too long. Now, you can explore beyond your whites and blacks to more delightful shades.

There is no rulebook as to what colours your crockery should be. You can match or contrast your dishes depending on the aesthetics of your dining room, table, or tablecloth.

While bright, flashy colours are still a rare sighting, you can find pastel crockery in various shades. Moreover, the light and subtle shades pair well with any background.

In addition, earthy tones are back in a big way. No matter which tablecloth you place them on, they will look like they belong. Also, they create a rich and warm dining atmosphere and add depth to your space.


Mix and Match

You might own crockery sets with 5 of the same plates or bowls. However, your dinnerware need not always be this formal.

Find places or websites that allow you to create your own customised set. This way, you can have crockery with the same structure in different colours or vice versa.

Also, you can develop the habit of picking up your plates from multiple places. This way, you can create your own collections with personal and artistic pieces and some more subdued ones.

In addition to creating a playful diversity to the table, it will help make your dinnertime more fun. Each family member can have a particular plate, or you can rotate the plates daily so that everyone can use every colour.

Appreciate the Flaws

Look around your dining table. Is all your crockery made precisely by a machine? This leaves no room for flaws or character.

Instead, most people today opt for handmade porcelain tableware. Every piece is inherently unique, and you can enjoy the visual textures and bends of the clay as you eat.

Summing Up

Crockery plays an integral part in bringing the family together during mealtime. However, you might not know what to buy with the variety of beautiful dinnerware in the market. Hopefully, the trends above will help you make an elegant choice and bring more joy to your dining table.

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