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Top 3 essentials you need to know while using the amazon profit calculator in India 

Do you know that you can maximise your profit volume by calculating all your profit in advance? Maybe yes! Well, you have reached the right path. Estimation of profit will always fetch your business more successful. If you are a seller on Amazon then you must try the amazon profit calculator in India to track down all your profit-making areas.

The opportunity for growth is huge here in India thus you have to make the best deal out of it. If you are thinking of adding your business along the line of Amazon then you have to calculate the profit before you approach the company.  But before that, you have to consider that the platform has gained huge popularity over the years.

Therefore, it is obvious that you will get more competitive as you shift to Amazon. You have to check all the possibilities of getting a profit on this platform. You have to ensure that you have a stable customer base and they are buying products only from you. This is the constant element that you need to focus upon.

  1. Check updated fees 

First of all, Amazon is a platform that regularly updates its fee structures. Therefore, you have to know the changes they have included recently to deal with it. If you are new to this platform then you will be confused initially. However, if your business has a reputation you will easily sail through it.

If you run your business individually and it is small in size then you have to pay a certain amount initially as a monthly subscription. With this, you have to pay a certain amount that is viable as per the sale of the product you made on Amazon.

If you own a big company then you do not need to pay regular fees for selling your items on the platform. However, you have to pay the basic monthly subscription payment to do business using the platform.

The following things you must consider and take into your profit calculator to get more accurate information.

  • Subscription fees 

Amazon will treat you as a customer even though you are using its platform for selling the items. If you are doing business with Amazon then you have to pay a monthly payment as a subscription.

Amazon does charge a few amounts from the big sellers; however, small sellers have to pay subscriptions to use the platform for selling the product. If you are a small seller then you have to pay this. Therefore, initially, a part of your profit will go into paying the subscription charges.

  • Referral charges 

You have to pay referral charges each time you sell a product. Amazon has listed all the items you can sell with the respective referral charges. These charges generally come in a percentage format. For instance, if the price of your product is $400 and Amazon is charging 10% of referral charges on it then you have to pay $40 as a referral charge to Amazon.

For this, you have to check all the categories that Amazon has listed on its website.

  • Per item charges

This is a special kind of charge that Amazon takes to make the platform more professional. The business owners who are not very regular on this platform have to pay a certain amount of money as per item charge. On the other side, professional big players do not have to pay this charge at all.

Understanding methodology

Amazon becomes a trustable brand not only for the customers but for the sellers. Amazon uses a different approach to make the competition more productive. If you are a seller on this platform, you have to consider the following charges.

  • Some of your products might get returned by the customers. Thus, you have to pay the platform for using the return and refund services.
  • You have to pay the platform for managing the inventory. Added to this, the platform is very efficient in calculating the returns you made using the platform. Hence, you have to make payments accordingly.
  • You can make the local vendors out of your competition if you use the platform. Therefore, you have to pay Amazon for this.

Estimating cost elements 

In this category, you have to pay the shipping prices, overhead charges, taxes, and other charges before you make any profit. Your product might not be sold if something happened. But you have to pay these charges before the delivery.

Therefore, you need to take these risks before you make a profit. After calculating all the factors, you will get all the payments on one hand and the amount you sold through your product on the other.  Dividing these two factors will generate the profitability of your business. You can use online tools to estimate your profit beforehand.

Steven Barron

Steven Barron

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