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3 gains you can make through a mobile attribution platforms

Mobile Attribution Platforms: Nowadays, companies spend most of their budget allocation on advertisements. Online advertisements are the most engaging and profit-driven area where companies spend their most. If you run an organization then you should spend on this area. You can track everything through a mobile attribution platform.

You have to track every aspect of online advertisements throughout the process. Therefore, you can gain profit from online advertisements. Mobile attribution systems basically track the number of users who have clicked your ads and how they install your mobile phone applications.

Therefore, you can channel your ads on each social media platform to gain a more user base. Your ads will have a link that takes the users to your dedicated page where you have explained your product. This will use a deep linking system to make the process faster and more engaging. Further, you can track all your ads without any hustle.

  • Track your spending

Advertisements on online platforms will cost you more if you have extended your reach on multiple platforms. Thus, this area of marketing is premium therefore you have to spend your money more in the right direction to get your rewards back. You have to track all your spending if you want to gain maximum gain from this area.

  • Understanding your ROI

If you spend a part of your budget on online advertisements then you have to do it from the best platforms. The best platforms will gain you the best ROI (Return on Investment) and value your money. You have to track your campaigning costs with the returns to see the best platforms. Through the mobile attribution system, you can get this information more accurately.

Suppose you have chosen two platforms for promoting and selling your products. You are doing it through online advertisement. From channel A, you have gained 20 users who have clicked your link and downloaded your mobile application from that link.

From channel B, your advertisement has reached more users than in channel A but the conversion rate is lower than in channel A. Therefore, you have to choose channel A as it gives you the best ROI. Through the mobile attribution system, you can choose which platform will give you the best ROI and hence you can spend there accordingly.

  • Know the users 

A mobile attribution system can tell you which users have installed your mobile application and which users have simply ignored your ads. You can also get information about which platform has hit more users. Added to this, you can also know the time when the users have opened your links.

The system will actually work through deep links. Hence, if a user clicks your ad then he will be directly landed on your page. Thus, you would know which uses have landed on your platform through their IP addresses. In another sense, you would know exactly your users and make your ads more interesting to attract them eventually.

  • Accurately target your audience 

You can target your potential users even before launching your products. You can do it by pre-market campaigning or by providing potential users with a trial of your products. The providers of attribution services will work in this stage to target your audience after launching your products.

The providers of attribution services will take the help of deep links to connect many websites in one go. For instance, if your user has clicked a link that popped up from a website he was using then he will directly land on the platform where you want him to land. In other words, the process of clicking multiple links to reach a particular platform is ignored here.

The attribution service provider will provide you with the following information about your users.

  • Your advertising ID is a particular ID number associated with each of your ads.
  • The IP address of the users who have clicked your ads.
  • The number of users who have installed your application from your ads.
  • The browser as well as the operating system that your users have used to install your application.


  • Prevent misuse 

As you know, the number of fraudsters is increasing on web media and marketing platforms. Therefore, protecting the security of your data is very crucial here. However, your data as well as your product will be safe if you are using an attribution service.

The providers of attribution services can detect fake users, spam, and robots to provide you with more security. Therefore, the chances of getting fake users are very less here. Through attribution, you can find the sources that can create damaging effects way before others.

Therefore, your business will get more profit after using the attribution service. You can run your business more smoothly and faster than before using this service. You can track each element of your online advertising campaigns more accurately with this service.

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