Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pit vs Outdoor Fireplace: There is no confusion about outdoor spaces being the loveliest part of the house. Adding eye-catching features can make it look even more beautiful. But choosing elements that are not just pretty but also functional is a plus point. Features that add warmth and comfort to your outdoor space, as well as add beauty, are rare to find. That’s why we always go back to the old and pretty fire.

You can use fire to add a focal point to your living space or add it just to get its warmth. Whatever your intention for building a fire space is, it looks beautiful and this tops all other benefits.

When adding fire space, there are a lot of questions. What to choose? A fire pit or a fireplace. How to choose? How to execute your idea? You can get help from New Phase Outdoor Living to elevate your outdoor space. The idea is to build an area where you feel welcome and homely.

Well, we made a simple comparison for you to choose between the Fireplace and the fire pit so that you can upgrade your outdoor space’s look as soon as possible.

Get The Measuring Tape

One of the most significant differences between firepits and fireplaces is their size. The size can be an advantage for some and a disadvantage for others. The point is to choose your fire space as per your outdoor living space size.

A firepit requires a lot of space, and it needs space on the ground, so if you have a small space, you should avoid firepits. Fire pits in smaller areas will not only take up all the needed space but also create a lot of trouble in terms of heating. The smaller, the quicker it will heat the surroundings, so the temperature around the firepit in smaller spaces can elevate a little too early.

On the other hand, a fireplace doesn’t need that much space on the ground and can be built vertically, which is why they are suitable for smaller spaces.


After enough space, your budget can affect your plans of having a perfect outdoor living space. If you are bound by budget, it will further reduce your choices.

If you see your budget for a fire space as spending, then it is good to have a fire pit. Fire pits with gas are a little bit more costly than a fire pit with wood. Building a fire pit with wood is a good option if you want to spend the least possible price on your fire space.

If you see spending as an investment for your house, it’s good to have a fireplace. A fireplace in an outdoor living space looks lavish and automatically increases your house’s net value.

Both of these features require regular maintenance, and it is good to get any of these installed as per your space and budget requirements.

The Weather of Your Location

Building a fire space in a hot and humid climate is not recommended. But creating a fire space in a chilly weather region is an investment. There are a lot of fire space options that you can choose from, but weather minimizes your choice.

Choosing a fire pit can increase your expenses if you live in a primarily windy place. Fire pits create smoke in a windy environment and tend to darken the color of the surrounding area, making it hard to clean.

Whereas the fireplace is usually built with a chimney, the fact that walls surround it makes it less of a hazard to maintain. The smoke coming out from the fireplace is carried out of the house by the chimney, leaving no smoke layer on the surroundings.

Heating Requirements

Are you a person who is cold all the time? Or do you need something just enough to keep you warm? If you get hot very quickly, your choice of heating will primarily be affected by that. Your choice of fire space depends on your heating requirements as well.

Some people choose a fire pit because their environment is not too cold to have constant heating; a slightly warm space will work for them. Fire pits are open from the top and tend to spread out the heat quickly; that’s why it is hard to maintain a high temperature around them.  The fire pit is a hazard if you have kids in your house, and it is in an open space and not shielded by anything, so it increases the chances of children getting hurt by it.

Choosing a fireplace is a good option when you know that your climate requires a high temperature all the time. The fireplace is a wall surrounding the space, and it contains heat better than a fire pit, keeping its surroundings nice and warm.  The fireplace is also a very good option if you have kids. The covered surrounding makes it a safe space for children, and you can install a fence or shield to make it even more secure.


Building a fire space in your outdoor living is for sure intimidating, and the physical and financial exhaustion it comes up with is nothing to be compared with. But in the end, you will get the satisfaction of beautifying your house; creating a space to enjoy your me-time or family time is what you should focus on while going through the procedure.

You can build your fire space with wood or gas, whatever you want, but in the process, you must consider the betterment of the environment and the safety of your children. Another thing to keep in mind when building a dire space is the aesthetics of your house. You cannot install a chic and bougie fireplace in a cottage, or you can install a modern-style fire space in a boho-style place. If you still have doubts about your fire space, you can consult New Phase Outdoor Living to help resolve your issues and get you the dreamy outdoor space you deserve.

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