7 Things That Affect Productivity and Creativity of Ebook/Book Writers

Do you know the most basic element every book and ebook writer should have? It is creativity. Not only is it essential for these writers, but it’s vital for every type of art, be it drawing, sketching, creating something, etc. You also might have heard that creativity matters for graphic designers. There are lots of things where creativity is needed. Writing is one of those things. Would his book or ebook be good enough if a writer doesn’t have creativity? In most cases, it won’t be. Think of all the ebooks and books you have read and liked. They all probably had creative elements involved in them.

It is Essential for Ebook/Book Writers

Therefore, creativity is essential for ebooks and book writers. Along with creativity, they also need productivity. Imagine a writer who cannot write an ebook on a sub-topic of digital marketing in a six-month period due to his procrastination. It’s no good as you want to publish your ebook quickly and monetize it to get the return for the efforts you put into it. This article will tell you seven things that affect the productivity and creativity of writers. We will also discuss how not to get affected by anything when writing an ebook/ebook. However, if you need assistance in writing your book, you can reach out to any expert book writer.

List of Things That Affects the Creativity of Book Writers

1.    Not Having Interest in Writing

The basic and most thing. Would a graphic designer make an incredible logo if he never wanted to paint or draw something in his life? In some cases, such a person could give ideas about logo creation, but he won’t be able to stay in this field and work his best in the long term. Similarly, if someone is not interested in writing, you can’t expect him to write a book of several pages. It would be hard for him to write an essay of 300 words. He might talk over that thing in the best way but not write it.

As a result, a person needs to have a genuine interest in writing in order to bring out his creativity in the books he writes.

2.    Not Reading Other Writers

One who writes also likes to read. It doesn’t mean he should be an avid reader or a bibliophile, but reading anything like short stories at times, novels, or any kind of book is okay. Probably, in most cases, writers would have read books. Even if he hasn’t read, when he tries writing something, it would not feel like something difficult that he’s doing out of his will. Thus, if you write, you also need to read. Sometimes writers stop reading when they step into writing. That’s not a healthy practice. Reading can give you a lot of benefits, be it information, knowledge, inspiration, or motivation to write.

3.    Emulating Other Authors

While we give you the advice to read books, it’s essential for you to know that reading is not always done to give fuel to your writing. However, it might be in some cases, which we will tell you later in this post, but basically, we read to enhance our information and knowledge. And this doesn’t mean you copy an author’s style if you see other people liking it. Every great writer has a unique style. Some common things are involved in writing, but emulating someone’s style is never something you should go for. It will ruin your image and make you less creative as well. People won’t like to read your books or even ebooks if you are doing that.

4.    Not Knowing How to Deal with Writer’s Block

When do we use reading to fuel our writing process? It is when you deal with writer’s block. Writer’s block is the phase where you don’t want to write anything. You run out of ammunition for inspiration, ideas, words, and motivation in writer’s block. There are ways to deal with writer’s block, and reading other authors is one of the methods. However, sometimes, writer’s block is unavoidable. You can try all the methods you find to deal with writer’s block and if you still don’t get help, let it be. Wait for some time, and you’ll get over writer’s block. Meanwhile, go on a holiday and spend time in nature for some days.

5.  How does it Affect Creativity?

Trying to force yourself to write in the unavoidable writer’s block will affect your creativity. You won’t be able to write better. Therefore, avoid writing in this phase to not let a lack of creativity strike your ebook or book.

List of Things That Affects the Productivity of Book Writers

We discussed four things that affect our creativity when we write. Now let’s discuss three things that affect our productivity and how to deal with these things.

Importance of Productivity for Ebook/Book Writers

When you write an ebook, you want to get it sold. The more you delay it, the more you are far from achieving what you want. Except for the unavoidable writer’s block period, you must be writing your ebook. Lack of productivity will make your book late to publish, and that’s not something you want.

1.    When You Don’t Take Proper Rest

What affects your productivity is the lack of sleep. It’s one of the major things that are not good for productivity. When you haven’t slept properly, you would feel tired throughout the day. And how could you write at your best when you feel drowsy? This is what makes people not able to complete their ebooks and books. A good sleep routine is essential so that you don’t lose productivity and avoid getting your book affected. Sleep is one thing that can make you tired if not taken properly. After that, a diet comes. One essential thing to ensure is to drink enough water throughout the day.

2.    Procrastination

Procrastination can be done by people when they’re tired and even when they are not. It is subjective. Some people procrastinate a lot. Therefore, you need to make sure you are not procrastinating when working on your ebook. Moreover, don’t confuse procrastination with writer’s block. If you are not writing because you invest that time in other activities, such as watching some series or using social media the entire day, then you have to stop it.

Push yourself to write, and if you still don’t want to write, then it might be writer’s block. When you experience this, try all the methods to overcome writer’s block. You can search for several methods online. However, if you fail, then it’s most probably unavoidable writer’s block. Therefore, wait for some days and do the things that we told you above.

3.    Not Planning Out What You Will Write/ Not Creating the Outline

An outline is something important when you write blog posts. However, you can choose this strategy when working on books and ebooks too. You don’t include headings in books, but you can do that in the process of writing. It will help you in determining what you want to write in your book. It also lessens the burden, as you already know what you would talk about in the book. As a result, your productivity won’t get affected by not knowing what to talk about. Whenever you get an idea, note it down. You’ll collect lots of headings and subheadings. This way, it will help you write later on.

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