Bathroom Décor and Design: Crucial Elements To Consider

A bathroom is, perhaps, the most intimate part of your house, even more so than the bedroom. It captures who you are and what your daily habits are like.

More importantly, it’s where you keep your toiletries. Your perfumes, essential oils, and the other must-haves of your self-care routine are all stored there. So, every time you step into that space, it must, without reservation, feel like an extension of your personality.

Redesigning it, then, is something you have to consider if its current state doesn’t reflect you as an individual. Luxurious bathroom designs, or rather the ideas surrounding them, can be found everywhere now. It’s picking the right aesthetic for yourself that’s the tricky part.

This article, then, will examine the things you need to decide on when it comes to designing your bathroom.

Critical elements to consider while designing a bathroom

Everybody has a personal sense of style. What’s perfect for someone else may not be the right choice for you. This applies to how you design your bathroom as well.

Whether you opt for a minimal look or a more luxurious appearance, there are some things you should consider while picking the interior elements. Read on to know more about them.

1.    The extent to which you include accessories

When it comes to bathroom accessories, the list is never-ending. Do you know your shower curtain and bathroom mirror both fall under this category?

While any decent space has all the necessary accessories, a good bathroom design is dependent on what’s included and what’s excluded.

For example, if you prefer a more minimal look, try not to clutter the space. Go for a non-descript monochrome rug instead of one made with synthetic fur. Additionally, you could try to match certain accessories with each other.

A simple rule to follow is to pick a base colour for your accessories. After that, try to go for similar hues and tones to create a cohesive look.

2.    Creating texture on your walls

The most luxurious bathroom designs have incredibly fascinating textures on the walls. This is either achieved with paint or the materials used.

An excellent way to create some exciting designs is to incorporate wood or tiles in specific sections of the bathroom. However, note that if you choose wood, you need to ensure that it is protected from accidental water splashes.

Conversely, if you decide to use tiles, ensure that the colour palette differs from the interior paint. This is not to say that you must put on yellow tiles if your bathroom is painted white. The key is to be subtle about it. A slightly different shade will do.

3.    Deciding the overall theme of your bathroom

In Australia, the average cost of remodelling a bathroom can run up to a substantial amount. Thus, you must have a theme outlined before you hire contractors for the remodelling process.

The overall theme is dependent on a few factors. The two primary considerations here are your base colour palette and the aesthetic appearance of facilities, such as sinks. Furthermore, think about whether you want a bathtub.

While a bathtub may seem luxurious, there is also the matter of whether it meshes well with your personality. It’s an awful faux pas, in the context of interior design, to walk into a space and encounter something entirely alien to your habits.


In summary

The entire process of designing your bathroom can seem like a tedious one. Still, it would be best if you did not take it lightly. Besides your bedroom, a bathroom is the one part of the house you will use daily. Keeping things consistent, then, is the best way to go about it.

A simple suggestion would be to choose one colour and then base everything on that. Finally, disregard anything that doesn’t look pleasing to you. It doesn’t matter whether someone else finds it appealing. After all, others won’t be the ones using your bathroom.

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