Are 3-D printed trophies a good choice?

Are 3-D printed trophies a good choice?

When you need to order trophies for your employees in your company or for your sports team, it’s important to consider new options that are available.

Although trophies in the past have had the same look and design, they’ve continued to evolve with their construction and now feature a variety of new details. Many people are now opting for 3-D printed trophies, which allow you to be in control of the design process.

Customized Designs

One of the main reasons more people are ordering 3-D printed trophies and custom plaques is because they can feature any type of design. The trophies can be printed quickly, making it easy to order multiple trophies without waiting several months to receive the items.

You can include your company’s logo, the logo of a sports team, or an image of the recipient to create a unique and one-of-a-kind item.

The companies that manufacture 3-D printed trophies can create several versions of the trophy and follow a prototype.

Reuse the Designs

If you want to order more trophies in the future, you can reuse the same designs for added convenience. The designs of the company are also parameterized to ensure that different models can easily be customized without a lot of time or effort.

Various Materials Available

One of the main advantages of 3-D printing is it supports different types of materials. This can create a unique and specific look to ensure the trophies are specific to your vision. With traditional trophies, different types of metals are used.

3-D printing features filaments that make it look like the trophies are constructed out of metals like silver, bronze, or gold.

Trophies can also be made with materials that include bright or neutral colors to create a variety of different looks. There are more design options available compared to traditional choices, making it easier to have more freedom with the look and appearance of the products.


3-D printed trophies also continue to increase in popularity because of their affordable price tag. They can cost a fraction of the price of traditional trophies, making them a cost-effective option for businesses that have smaller budgets or need to order a large number of trophies for their team.

More Sustainable

3-D printed trophies are considered to be more sustainable and produce less waste during the manufacturing process. With traditional trophies, the materials that are used are wasted and reused, which is why the cost to produce the products is a lot higher.

With 3-D printing, it doesn’t waste as much raw material as it creates the product. Although some people try to reuse some of the material that is wasted during the traditional manufacturing process, it can take a lot of time and energy to determine how the products will be reused.

The thermoplastic materials that are used to create 3-D printed trophies are easy to melt and cure multiple times for added convenience and sustainability. This prevents waste from being produced, which can also minimize the costs involved.

Save Time

3-D printing has a faster manufacturing process, which can allow customers to receive their trophies sooner. This is convenient if trophies need to be ordered at the last minute and the customer doesn’t have several months to wait to receive the products.

Many complex designs and features can be created in a few hours, allowing customers to order additional trophies at the last minute if necessary.

With the traditional manufacturing process of making trophies, the design process alone can take several weeks after the prototype is received.

There are also fewer errors that occur because the manufacturing process involves a lot fewer steps compared to manufacturing traditional trophies. This prevents delays that can push back the completion time. It also offers more efficiency as the trophies are manufactured in a single step.

Understanding the benefits of 3-D printed trophies can make it easier to opt for this type of method the next time there’s an awards ceremony, or you want to recognize some of your top employees. The convenience, reduced costs, and customized designs offer more benefits to customers and make it possible to recognize important people.

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